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I'm AccuWeather's Drew Shannon News 93.1 kfbk Alright 90 in fulsome 90 in Roseville and 90 in Sacramento for a wanted KPK our top story this afternoon. A loosening of restrictions. Nail salons consume resume indoor operations in California. KPK is Brody Fernandez has more Health and human services Secretary Dr Mark Galley says the state is working with counties and local leaders around nail salons being able to move into the purple tear statewide. Under the previous rules, nail salons could only open outdoors in purple counties. The new indoor operations will still have to abide by strict capacity and other safety guidelines. We should also mention that three more counties are easing covert 19 restrictions as they move into the Orange tear. Eldorado, Lassen and Nevada counties. BRODY Fernandez News 93.1 kfbk, and in that orange tier restaurants, movie theaters, places of worship can open indoors up to 50% capacity or 200 people. Jim's family entertainment centers and wineries can open a 25% capacity Mariposa County moving into the yellow tier, where restrictions are even more relaxed. Sacramento still In the purple Borrow two. Now, let's gets more news here with Joe Michael's getting the California State auditors calling out a college admission scandal in the state KFBK is Johnny D. Augustine E. Has details. Four campuses in the University of California system are being accused of inappropriately admitting students for potential financial gain. According to a state audit released earlier this week, at least 64 students received admission not based on academic or athletic merit, but because of donations from or as favors too well connected families with deep Rockets away. Berkeley, San Diego and Santa Barbara. Campuses have all been exposed. Johnny De Agostini News 93.1 Cafe. I'll go in depth on this story with details from the state auditors. Office set for 17. Wildfires News 93.1 KFBK Continuing coverage. The North Complex West Zone of fires Now 60% contained a screws continue to build fireline to protect.

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