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Urine All stars. Get your game on. So we've got a busy show ahead. Today. This past week, the FDA announced a new drug for the treatment of Alzheimer's, and we're gonna be talking with the leading neurologists right here from Milwaukee about what this means for patients. Also, as we're all being vaccinated, you know, a few of us are wearing those math. So what in the world are we going to do with all the cloth ones that we've collected over the past year? We'll talk with the Wisconsin artist who has some ideas of how to recycle them. Also, that Bill is going to join us a little bit later on this hour. He's going to talk about Lin Manual. Miranda's new movie. Marcus is going to be with us in just a few minutes, and he's got some news about hamburgers in Milwaukee also will have the weekend review. We're going to have a preview of tonight's Bucks game, Tony Bet It's going to be with us in an hour with a whale of a tale, and in just two minutes, it's Matt Polian sports All that ahead. Right here on Wisconsin weekend morning news. It is 80 degrees at 8, 13 and Wtmj. Anybody out there, like political ads already know your answer, And it's because a lot of them are bad. Phony dialogue with the sound effects of a diner in the background, dramatic voice soars with scary music that changes into happy hopeful music when the candidate being pushes described whatever happened to an honest pitch from a candidate that doesn't sound like they're reading, but rather expressing their genuine passion to bring about change. Use us and we'll drive that home and voters will believe you. Anderson Dash smith dot com We will help you win in the next election. Have you been really looking for a great truly great job in the assisted care field? If you're looking then we probably don't want to talk to you. Well, let's start again..

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