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Arrested in Oklahoma state but it starts in Missouri. Kirby drove through parts of Kansas Missouri and Oklahoma occasionally striking the victim while he's driving victim story starring Colombian. Because you are here we're giving animals in so he carjacked Stola guy and go go and started doing meth and hitting him as he was driving. Yes doesn't that seem impossible. I mean it's kind of amazing. It's kind of a skill because to drive to know there's a goat in the back. There's a person and you're hitting him like that's the thing Dr functioning. The victim told police curb eventually let him and the goat. Go with how AL to stay. You let go go now. The goats abandoned somewhere or the goal is or the goats living his best life out in Oklahoma right his final. Thank the goat gets like when like you're flying on an airplane ride as you're about about to leave a fly flies into your into the plane you guys used to say and then you say to New York and then you land in L. A.. And then the doors. Oh you're saying right right right now I have to make all your friends. I didn't want to be here now. I'm in like a warmer climate under really funny to think about. That's it's also the great. Start to an animated movie no-fly zone come fly with us for no fly zone. Ah I said. He drove through Kansas Missouri Oklahoma. The victim told police he let him in the goat goat dropping them off the side of a road in Sand Springs Oklahoma. Ko K- I reported. He called nine. One one then reported the truck missing to onstar according to the outlet on star still thing. I can't believe it. They're still employ people who sit at desks with and those people have been sleeping for decades. Yeah why Chevy Tahoe and then they go back to sleep a we'll send someone right out onstar for a bit George. Yeah I did it when I had my when I had my first car when I got my license and I would just go ahead and save. Let them sometimes on stars representatives were able to slow the cars speed to fifteen miles per hour. That's terrifying. I know because now. That's so thinking that amazing that they control the movie with Charlotte Buff and we'll feral like. Every technology everywhere could control control everything that was happening. No but that is like that moment where you're like taking your pushing the shopping cart at a gross at a grocery door. Who did that Eh? Did on Star on Star Right. There's so many people in this country who think that's magic. Yeah yeah real thinks. It's every time I leave the public's put a spell on the cart and I can't get any further bill under syndrome his car right into the front of pomp that he was so mad about the guy. I you know you're out a goat cheese balls fair in that crash. He said he was.

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