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We'll get to Russell Wilson is nighttime voice in a little bit. But let's start with a first of all I literally went to bed last night with the warriors up about a thirty piece thinking to myself. This one's over. I can shut it down. And I'm lying in bed. And I see on Twitter someone right warriors really gave up a three one point lead. And I was like well played well played. And then I look like oh that really happened though. Like the clippers are about to win this game. This is what Doc Rivers said about the clippers at halftime, the speech. He gave his team somehow predicting the future we're gonna win. You know, just hanging there. Just hang in there long enough. I was honest with them. I said, I don't know how. I said we're going to figure this out. But just hanging there just hanging there with each other. And I thought they did. Wow. That's what he gets paid the big bucks for that is strolling down the street two thousand dollars just dropping out of his pocket. Daddy, fat sex thousand dollars worth of ones that somebody can collect don't hurt your toes. If it falls on you. This is my Oman is how many Oman unless you knew. Okay. Oh, mosh to Doc, Rivers, forget, the warriors and they're choking ways. And all the other stuff shout out to Doc Rivers for people realizing what kind of coach dude is because in Orlando when he had t- MAC, and we supposed to have Grant Hill. But granted was hurt. He was supposed to add Tim Duncan. But Tim Duncan's wife was like no I want to be on a team playing. So let's let's be in San Antonio for the rest of our lives that dude didn't get the credit there. And then he got the big three in Boston. Didn't get the credit that he needed their this clippers run has been outstanding. And he's got this team plan. Like, they don't give a you know what? And last night that was a rookie move by Spain by turning off in playoff game. When there's a thirty one point lead. You know, there's always a chance for a run. Total rookie move by me. I should have known better. And not only did I miss. I miss the finish. But I waited until today to get the big news on boogie cousins. I saw the injury as somebody who's torn her achilles and years later is dealing with all of the ways that that manifest itself around your body. It stinks. Boogie, and you could see it in that moment, his leg. Basically just got jammed up. He's trying to go for a loose ball and his leg is jammed up. And you wonder why that movement that could happen? So many times would result in a massive quad injury. But when other parts of your body are weakened, and there's a there's a mis balance and imbalance. They're like that's one stuff like that happens. And that's why when you're coming back from an injury like that it's not so much reactivating the achilles. That were as you. It's all the other stuff that's been compensating. And so this looks like a huge loss for them. And for him first of all before we even get to the warriors. This guy took a one year deal at less money to prove himself and be able to go up and get that big. Untracked somewhere else next year? And I'm not sure how he does that now because he hasn't been on the warriors long enough, and he proved himself in some ways, but to seem like he might be damaged goods..

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