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Our news and weather center denver time. Thanks to connor martin. Unc quarterback for stopping by seattle. I don't know if i can balances get ahead to give the i love the reds. I do but just not when we play them and see comes on and gives them a shout. I think they're going to be very good they we've got their game. In fact thursday night we've got eaten reds and sterling tigers Eaten a defending state champs Eating volleyball team Is up and going as well. They're the defending state champs. Just about any sport that you can talk about in eaten. They're the defending state champs in This is no co now. I'm tanner went. Thanks for being with us. Let's Bring on our next year. P. for four. vip guest is. Chris would editor and publisher with bids. West chris how are you this morning. I'm doing great kanter. How are you doing very well. Thank you so much for joining me. Want to get an update on a couple of stories that we've talked about along the way here but let's start versus the biotech industry continuing to make noise here in northern colorado. At lily you know how. How many times have we talked biotech here. In recent months it's been quite a few. I know and that's For one reason and that is because it is a very hot sector right now and currently This region especially boulder county is seeing expansions from both coasts We have on the one hand a boston. Area pharmaceutical company cogent biosciences. That is opening up a new Research office in boulder. that will How about fifty researchers This is a a major expansion for the company and a major coup for the boulder area and then more recently just yesterday. We reported that A company out of seattle you mo- a u. m. o. j. you mojo bio pharma inc which develops cancer therapies is coming to lewisville in the colorado technology center They will have a new one hundred. Forty six thousand square foot facility and Grow up to about one hundred employees and This was a good a good A good secure for lewisville You mojahed had also been looking at longmont broomfield and westminster but opted for for louisville so To to major new operations coming into the already hot Biotech seen here in northern colorado. You know we've talked about a little bit is the main reason we're seeing kind of these moves happening towards northern colorado that for for the biotech world You know you talking about ranch space and things like that. They're just still a little bit more affordable here. Yeah i think that is part of it. But i think it's the availability of some space although as we've talked about Space for biotech companies especially laboratory space is in extremely short supply. Really nationwide right now but also in the denver boulder area very very little space that is on the market but You know for for many years in the boulder area People who are in the biotech industry would lament the fact that the region really didn't have an anchor really big employer that would lure other employers in create spin off Benefits To really grow that cluster. That seems to have changed array bio pharma which was a homegrown company. A few years ago sold to Pfizer For many billions of dollars. I forget if it was eleven or thirteen billion dollars somewhere in that range but pfizer is a major player here now and that is one of the anchors as is company that bought The.

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