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Few years back put on by the public theater in central park. It roiled the political writing. Conservative protesters disrupted controversial performance of julius caesar in new york. Are you sad progressive. Who dreams about president from knifed to death while you're in luck a new production julius caesar in europe let you live out your fantasy. Caesar was dressed like trump had certain of his mannerisms plus a wife kalpana who sported a slavic accent. And of course he's murdered in cold blood. Can you blame the right for being upset. I don't blame the ripe for being upset. Any more than i would blame the left for being upset with a year or so earlier rob melrose production of julius. Caesar that had an obama look alike assassinated on. Stay the tradition of julius caesar in this country change permanently when orson welles staged this play. Nineteen thirty seven at the mercury theatre. If there'd be any and this assembly any dear friend of seizes through him. I say the brutus. There's love to caesar with no less than his. If then that friends emend. Why brutus rose against caesar. This is my answer. Not i love. Caesar less loved rome more. Caesar was just like mussolini and he completely politicized how this play was done. The became a template for how we did. Caesar after that oscar used this the artistic director of public theater. He wanted to show that saving democracy by undemocratic means like killing trump. Like caesar was greater disaster than anything else i think he wanted to create a sense of whiplash in that liberal audience at the delacour theater and one of the ways he did. That was to have fifty actors hidden throughout the audience. So that when brutus in the conspirators. Kill the trump like caesar. They're screaming yelling that castigating him for doing that. They call them out. The problem was when real protesters followed a fake protesters audience members didn't know where the protests were coming from or who was protesting. Want so that invasion if you will The delacour by protesters were paid to disrupt. The show. Ruined the possibility of conversation and dialogue. Or maybe we're just not ready yet for conversation and dialogue in this country but shakespeare does seem to be used like the bible in the sense that anyone can find a defense for whatever they believe in his text. Do you think his message his intentions. His morals were more explicit in elizabethan times. On the times they were written. I don't think so. And i think that's.

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