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And Greg and GM when they're there on Sunday, they will also be happy to sign the books and you can ask them questions. But the movie starts at six okay, so doors doors open at the Parkway Sunday, five o'clock the movie, the wrestler, okay, George after watching this again, among the wrestlers who did the best job acting. Wow. You know, I sat through all of the tapings of the matches, and, and I guess, if got just a moment, I'll tell you a quick story. Yeah. Vern ganja in the movie, of course, is the aging champion and the concept of the movie is they don't want him to die in the ring, and they want him to lose the title before, too young challenger, which is played by Billy Robbins, and they I mean how many times those to wrestle? Probably a good dozen or so times over the course of of three year period. It was one of those classic matches because baby faces. Yeah, they're good. Guys won match in particular during the taping Verne was wrestling against Nick Bach winkle. And it was supposed to be one of these in the story line that Nick was a top challenger and could could Vern topple him well, during which we saw wrestling all the time. Exactly. And during the teaming Vern delivered a drop kick to Nick and legitimately knocked him out. I mean Nick jolted back and he was out. They had to stop the filming and Nick was shaken a little bit revived and Nick and true character when he finally came to, and they were ready to start the taping again he turned to the crowd, and he said that will never happen. You know, it was such a great atmosphere in the old, Saint Paul auditory him right in that era. They actually pumped smoke into the arena because in those days, you'd have the fans that would be having their heaters to Gars your and it was just the time. And so it was very if you watch the movie there's just so much Minnesota history in it. Like I said the landmark center you can go downtown there, and in Saint Paul right now and, and it the landscape of that area has changed so much, but it is a fun movie. And in the end, we won't tell the ending, but it's just a classic and it'll be on the big screen, and, you know, Chad when it first debuted, it was they aired this thing they had premiers all over the country because the wrestlers at the premier's aired at the man theater. In Bloomington, when it they knew and it was like they had red carpet out all the wrestlers were there in their tuxedos, with their wives or significant others, and it was just a huge event. It got covered by all major wrestling magazines of the time. Got coverage on television at the time, and it's just a really if you're a fan of wrestling, you're gonna enjoy seeing it. If you've never seen it, you're gonna love it and just remember that the things they tell you in there. They sorta broke that wrestling wasn't real, but they never really set it. Wow away. And talking about the risks that wrestlers take even though you know that the fans for those that don't believe that it's real three arranged finishes but it's a story line and it's a soap opera and it's told so. Well, there's a locker room seeing where the bruiser the crusher. I mean who can get better memories than those to correct? And they come into the locker room after Edward Asner character. The promoter is beat up by the gang and the crusher and the bruiser clean house in only the way. Well, we'll finish right there George because we gotta get going here. So reminder, the wrestler, this Sunday, Father's Day. But it's late or not guarantee a lot of fathers. We'll have fun seeing this at the Parkway, legendary theatre. Doors open at five George will be there. Gregogna our guy, Jim Brown sell. It'll be well worth the watches for phenomenal 'cause Georgetown about, and the movie starts six, George, always a pleasure. Thanks so much for reaching out. I really enjoy the conversation as always. Chad. Thank you so much. Well worth checking out again, Parkway this Sunday. Doors open at five film starts at six. It's two fifty one. That is the Linda's construction timeshare time to create a more energy, efficient home. We season guard windows,.

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