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Bypasses harriers here's mary my fastbreak purser gate capela as you pointed out once a measure on trying to tell your younger staff member they're very yeah it was a time in the '70s when gave kaplan was hugh that the the biggest he was the ehlass turkey absolutely not just because of welcome back qatar yeah but because he was a regular guest on the tonight show battle network stars he had that too and johnny carson worked out a sweetheart deal when i was fifteen years old i knew we had a sweetheart deal they would run reruns on monday and then he sometimes he do three days a week he added a long weekend joan rivers frequently for filled in until they had a a falling out she ditched him dick right dick sean who was also big deal at one time one of the stars of the the movie version of the producers yeah dick sean did a bit if i recall is correctly where he destroyed carson's desk or he through the ashtray or something and carson viewed that as disrespectful like you're a guest in his home you been invited to guest host the show and so dick sean became personified hailed the argues i think lewis in a car it put put pretty much pretty much like harry carry being hit by a car going the wrong way down a hillary career outside the chase park plaza hotel for reasons that remain marieanne will never it out disassociated from you don't louis cardinals you know a kill the guest host jay leno johnny carson.

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