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When someone's giving a eulogy at your funeral? Do you live your life for what could be said of U than? And sometimes, I think too often, the right looks like a resume party or resume philosophy rather than a eulogy philosophy. Eulogy politics and the me, compassionate. Conservatism is moving us back to the best of our traditions. There's a bunch of issues, there voice tried to siren people said, you believe in the individual OPEL that view I've said, yes, I do. But if I believe in the individual, then I have to say you're Olsen individual and you of with your value now. That's the Christian creed do unto your neighbour, as you would have them do onto you pretty paths stuff that's applied to capitalism, than it plays into what you're talking about the capitalism that is easily character today, because it's true. On the fried of too many wealthy people. Too many influential people we've seen here with the commission of inquiry into the. Bank's financial sector. The gives gives banking and capitalism bad nine women's, it's it seems to be purely profit-driven for the benefit of those in the guy rather than people doing what they ought to do without coercion and behaving honorably and generously. So it raises an interesting point for me when you talk about taxes disappointment, in people approached news, newfound wealth. What comes first the fracturing of western society people in this country compliant. Endlessly about the political process, breaking down revolving door. Ladyship what have you? I'm not denying. It's not a real problem. But what comes first? The fracturing of politics in a democracy, all the fracturing of society than being reflected in a fracturing of that politics, undoubtedly, the fracturing society comes. I, I think I think if one of the Krizan you could make a lot of people on the right. A lot of the generous donation, donate donors to political parties on the right, is that we focus, too much on politics. Politics is downstream of education and religion and culture, the values all that we see in the Hollywood films that we watch in the plays on Broadway in less square. The the what is taught in universities. What is what is preached in pulpits? And in synagogues in Moscow. These are the big values from which later how vote flows, and so it's very difficult for a political culture to be strong, if all other parts of them society of a week. So I think the challenge for those of us of the conservative disposition to pay an awful lot more attention to the institutions that the left purposely March through. We've won a lot of economic battles in, in recent decades, the John Howard is which you were principal parts. The fact she is the Reagan years, but during those periods, I think the left were marching through the university's they were marching through religious institutions taking over the commanding, cultural heights of our society. Somehow we have to inspire the next generation in the way that Jordan Peterson and other people a beginning. To do to, to, to mount Tyrone. True. Those institutions or state start creating alternative institutions to those one institution. I would love a conservative government in Britain, and I most small parts of a campaign to do. This is to set up a museum of communism. If if I took off my shirt in this interview now. I worked to frighten, you view as MRs, but if I had a swastika t shirts with a swastika on brightly, it would be regarded as an appalling, if I took off my shirt, and I had a picture of Lenin. Red star a hammer and sickle. I know you'd be disappointed in me, but it would not be regarded as socially unacceptable in the Nazi and rightly would be. But if you look, communism you look at that philosophy. Many more people died many more people are still dying. So this week trucks, please trucks, those of echo chinaman square over running protests invented, in Venezuela, somehow, I think we need to teach the young that when you have land scale collectivization, when you do school, individual and feed him as communism and socialism. Never typically do in that in logical progression toward greater, and greater state control is an evil and dangerous philosophy. And we need to start creating 'institutions like that. That begin to change the culture, not everything could be done by government. But I'm not Senator station something that could be done by government. But it's hard, a conservative government conservative governments of certain kind in London, but there's no real interest or enthusiasm in doing this. I don't know if it was proposed in Australia, whether the liberal the liberal party embrace it. In those terms, you're seeing a very deepening rapidly awareness of how, how, how serious cultural Malays in this country, and I would say quite unashamedly that tissue institutions in particularly to realize how losing it with people now they're being saying to be contend dismissive, and the Ramsey center of study of western civilization. The reaction to it, and the clear implication, that many academe makes believe that would terrible watt supremacists that were the sons and daughters of Neo colonialist forces that have been horrible and Fafa, bring free and open societies. And good places to leave. We ought to be ashamed of ourselves doesn't wash with ordinary people. But how do they push back when you starting to push back and that's important, but it's going to be very, very long haul. Indeed, one of the main reasons that I believe is the lift following Karl Marx dictum. That people deprived of the history are easily persuaded of made certain that we don't understand our history. So for everyone who wants to point to some ugly aspect of colonization, and it was the I would wanna put up a winning move before. So Lord chaff spree or even an ABRAHAM LINCOLN. And so these were great know who did incredible things think of a Wilberforce, yet everything to lose, as a man of high position and great Wilson as a future prime minister by identifying was with people who are not even seen as human beings. I say Goodson chattels slides, but he did. It was an unbelievable. How can you take away that nobility, but it's not taught me more was it? Not well confronts, you with a terrible problem. He is a man who planned the actor out of deep Christian conviction doing things that no one could criticize no one could criticize leading the greatest human rights movement of all time. You don't want unfortunate fact. Facts like that getting in the way if you want to demonize past and site was all bad, and they're awful, lots of aspects of British empire, which are shameful. Yes. But the story is also once William Wilberforce. It achieved his aim and a huge part of that goes, he was forty years of fighting is perseverance is one of the greatest qualities that anyone can bring any 'cause he had so many defeats along party. He kept it. And of course he was technically as well. First of all, only wanted to campaign, the addition of the slave trade, not so purists got this slave. Yeah. And he didn't think that was possible that pragmatism is sometimes missing from Christians and other morally serious campaign. Sometimes half cop is better than no capital. And, of course, as soon as he had a chief d- his first mission of abolishing the slave trade. He began the movement of bullish Lavery altogether. What

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