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Now the Ted Williams tunnel westbound is backed up inside my king with WBZ's traffic on the three. Mike what a beautiful Monday we've got fair skies cool temps are high right now seventy six degrees pretty much in the low seventies across the board what a great night to night for sleeping low fifty six starlet just a few clouds and then tomorrow another nice one high seventy two Wednesday turning back to summer a little bit person still officially summer hi eighty five partly sunny and humid with showers in spots Thursday looks like another beautiful day right now it's sixty nine degrees with. in Boston. this is WBZ news radio ten thirty with the news watch never stop. good afternoon I'm Laurie Kirby and here the five things you need to know at three fifteen a legal victory this afternoon for Suffolk DA Rachel Rollins in her feud with the Boston judge about straight pride parade arrests. fall river working up a plan to wrest power from the mayor and the use of new federal corruption charges against him. a story about a World War two memorial in Chelmsford and for housing Cambridge that could some day soon be something entirely different. the president in North Carolina and Congress back to work. joining us right now from the White House Steven Portnoy with all things trump and beyond let's start with a trip to North Carolina is the president touring some of the flooding damage and meeting with emergency responders Stephen you know I I don't know you and your question I don't know the answer to because the White House and told us but I can tell you that the president is expected to land this afternoon at marine.

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