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Of the judicial system or general approach mean take the position of a judge in the criminal case some judges because perhaps because trousers because of their background attorneys are very sympathetic to criminal defense lawyers and to those accused of crime other judges perhaps a background of a prosecutor's office more pro government so they realized that the government has an awesome burden the criminal case to establish guilt beyond a reasonable doubt so the government ought to have wide latitude in the kind of evidence that could put in defence lawyer might be trying to muddy the waters and confuse things and create a reasonable doubt and so it's for the judge to rein them in now novel judges agree with that approach some judges field will be right down the middle and keep a close rain on both the prosecution under the fence so i don't know that necessarily comes out of the politics of their ethnicity it does come out of their life's experience and their view of the process i uh appeared as a prosecutor and befriended judge thomas murphy judge thomas murphy was a prosecutor federal prosecutor he prosecuted alger hiss he was a marvellous lawyer he was every inch judges giant of a man and he kind of took a sporting view of of a criminal trial and if defendant didn't raise a point while them point he would never in a seeding say well no you ought be saying this and you would have the doing more for your client he would just let it riden and and we see who won the horse race was very interesting to try case before judge murphy very snarky prices are casting at a marvellous sense of humor my favorite story about him is in the arraignment of a black moslem he where boom object of the preceding was to find out if the defendant had a lawyer and then set bail and so we charged with raping a drug dealer and murphy.

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