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It's honestly, Andrew, it's like playground stuff. The way he twists for united defenders, including Michael Carrick. He was, he was Liverpool. He played Liverpool. Everything of that era was Suarez. The whole game plan was Suarez. Amazing. Amazing. I sometimes feel like because maybe he didn't quite have the longevity there that some other primarily greats had within the league. I sometimes feel like his dominance gets a little bit forgotten when we go back and think of the great I think so. Yeah. But let this serve as a reminder. He was ridiculous. He was completely ridiculous. Outrageous. Absolutely. What's our last item in this segment before? The segment that everyone wants to sweet, sweet, gentle Everton. JJ, so we were actually recording while the Minnesota United FC destruction of Everton was going on. So we weren't able to comment on it. As we were wrapping up, I was starting to get text messages from my everts and friends asking if we were all watching what was happening there. So we're only now getting the chance to speak on it and since that game has happened Everton have actually beaten Blackpool for two. But they lost four note emitting Minnesota United FC and the question that people are trying to grapple with in the wake of that is what is the line between it's just preseason and I'm genuinely concerned. Now we kind of talked about this a little bit with the Tuco stuff with how he's perceiving his own club Chelsea. It's a little bit different for Everton because of how bad they were this past season. Yeah. How dangerously close they were to going down. So I think when they stayed up, there was almost this hope of like, okay, we did it. Reset, let's take this momentum into the next year. And that may still happen. But when you come off of that and then you lose four zero to Minnesota United FC, there has to be at least a little bit of like a seed of doubt planted in people's minds of just like, oh God, no, we're actually still really bad. This is still, we got lucky last year. This is still a big problem. The cooling bomb of that amazing finish to the season has slipped off the skin and now the burning itching reality of where they're at is come to the top of Everton fans are scratching nervously is what I'm awkwardly trying to get to. This is this is bad and it's worse when the manager comes out. And sounds as concerned. Lampard has sounded in mid season just last three on the bounce concern. You know, he was talking about losing her childless and again, the veiled message to the board, not really veiled at all to the sending a message just like Tuco, you know, we haven't got anyone in. They've only got James tarkovsky in. And Ruben vinaigrette online from sporting Lisbon. Decent. All right, decent acquisition. But yeah, they've lost essentially their probably their best player. It's Tottenham and Lampard does not seem. He kept saying in it. In his comments, you know, a club like us in the position we're in, we need to strengthen. I'm paraphrasing, by the way, we need to reinforce and he is right. They look so kind of, I don't know. I mean, they mis chances, sure. The dele Alli missed. It's one of the worst horrifying. It's honestly one of the worst I've ever seen. Now, he did score against Blackpool, so he might have scored twice, actually. I'd have to go back and check. But I mean, I would be making massive excuses for dele Alli if I was to say that that cross against Minnesota was, he maybe ran a tiny bit beyond us, but I mean, it was one of those where it was harder to miss them to make. Yeah, the net was right there. The angles were just all in his favor. And he made an absolute mess. Yeah, look, it really, this is a huge 5 weeks for the club now. It's enormous. They've got to, they've got to get players in. They've got to figure this out and quickly. Because I don't think what the players they have, they'll be in any different position.

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