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A no this referendum is not designed to antagonize baghdad or any of the neighboring countries of the kurdistan region the vote is to let the the more than five million kurds who live in iraq to decide whether they want to stay with this country or they want to separate and create a kurdish independent state and the kurdish president must with bersani kurdish political parties who are behind their a friend and projects say this is a binding vote at after september 25th if the majority of kurds have decided to say yes and separate from iraq they will go through some negotiations with the central government and hopefully there will be an independent kurdish state so baghdad says it is nonbinding but the kurds it definitely as a abiding vote yes baghdad says it's not binding their parliament meant to dd said they are against this referendum and they hoped that its non binding but the kurds who are going for the referendum say it's is binding and the kurdish presence has said that it's not just a referendum for the sake of it it is for kurdish independence so baghdad of course is unhappy about this referendum but do you know why yes baghdad is not happy and actually a few hours ago the iraqi parliament convened and they voted against the kurdish referendum they say the kurdish referendum would lead to the disintegration of iraq under disintegration of iraq's territorial integrity i mean there's oil up there in kurdistan as well don't you think the government in baghdad as worried about losing that.

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