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Four W. I. radio dot com sports station the camera generators ninety four at W. A. T. eleven thirty today life advice with the hammers obviously paint a picture scenario to seltzer on Facebook Twitter or the text line of what you need some advice with and I will at eleven thirty step in and not only look to give you great advice but actually give you great advice would you say have been the kind of on a roll I would say you've been better than you used to be I don't know if that's if they commented on yeah I I agree with you yeah but I let me ask this question not a train wreck well okay and I mean that yeah shares in the last let's just say we have three four weeks I've I've done a better job and life advice then Richie has done playing the guitar on the show well I mean you've done it more done and Maureen I would say that one time he played the guitar I know way better than any like well that was not the last three or four weeks I said last year very well you're really paid me into a car you're saying I mean some callers you know answer similar guitar play and there's been no guitar I think it's because you keep going I think it's harder tire now while we're doing this R. O. man once and for all week do you think that's all right Robert if you wanted did next don't take like five minutes to get ridiculous advice from the hammer take a minute to go dark John it's a marker next week you you pick it is August it's a I I've already determined that I think next week is okay for sure better well that are out of work life adviser to hammer Levin thirty today Facebook Twitter and text line let us know what you need some help with and I'll help you out at eleven thirty with that once and for all week is brought to us by the bush auto group online car buying made easy to push out a.

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