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I read it we call it darcy a and it's got some sex parts but that's could holly terry the lobbyists to the kids in the blood saarc of initiating sexually provocative talk at lunch sacks depending himself saying no she came to me with talk about her own sexual escapades and she was the one who is talking in a sexually promiscuous way the same with faits winter on my radio show he tells faith winner came onto him at a democrat retreat talked about how many times she had sex with her husband and biting him into a hot tub which i understand may have been in her hotel room so i got a letter from steep loved sox x y saying that she stands by stephen she not happy about the divorce but she doesn't believe that he did this faith winter so i don't know what the truth is but mike robertson pick kept talking about and steve website took a polygraph he's trying to approve senate sent but when everybody assumes should guilty then it doesn't matter what should do everything is used against him so uh it's unclear exactly who is going to caucus wear uh but he he is definitely not uh quietly going away his i mean it's amazing um i i don't know that the polygraph part of this and you and i spoke about that that was right are the john and patsy ramsey handbook i mean it was lutely that was beauty absolutely i anybody who thinks that uh you know uh having a polygraph done by your god for any bank here is uh his threeman but yeah he's he claimed swept past two different polygraph test proving that he didn't do all of these many many uh uh terrible things of which yesmen accuse so look i mean i covered the my empty case not every ten reminds me of ramzi and that state legislature mandates polygraph spurt sex offenders so they must put some value anna maybe westward could opera polygraph too steep labs hardcore we can take up a collection round hair lab sought protests his innocence and again i wasn't there stone is i was not apply on what i've never met steve loves i can tell yesterday but i'm tony is not going away is he hits alleging a.

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