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Was something that's going on with him it was it was spotted in uh had the book it was spotted right outside of gels place with a walking boot on right so that's one and now now you have the hand and at the time to time it was marriages so there was a good newsbad news situation good news is your outside of gels place right f i got about as good news good news in vat news last week but i i don't know why you say how is gary barton steps princesses replacement as one of our good luck 9'0 they got a trio there i haven't listened yet against listen i've heard friday by the way i have not heard on radio jens you haven't heard about at mud at night we've played some of the they do like a little head of hair keep it loose segment on my facebook live or whatever the chemistry it's it's a war cammarata ernie heath needs to work working prospect salkin holly beatty is that right now it's worth so is good i have a strong socket at holly yes solve them so you get stuff their deal joe giza whose exports produce sales yannick noah yeah i allows lab moreover i'm i'm trying to give you some more stuff here step loud you got joe giza channel four sports producer tweeted out a picture from september tenth two thousand fourteen of tom brady at the podium wearing gloves they go the other one that's right now he's youryour for he's smiling like and now this is september so i don't think it had anything to do with the all the way the with weather's cold during that seasons september 10th would have been ben between the seasonopening loss at miami and the win the following week at minnesota so midway in between there there's a picture that joe giza tweeted out of brady standing at the podium holding his hands up like this and wearing gloves.

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