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Hundred sixty WJR news, dick Hafner officials in France confirm that the attack in Strasbourg, France where three people were killed was a terrorist. Attack officials have identified the suspect as twenty nine year old Sharieff Chacao. He's a longtime criminal correspondent Melissa bell in Strasbourg where the shooting took place that this is a man who spent a fair amount of time in and out of jail. Both in France and across the border in Germany. He was known for common law crimes had a fairly hefty dossier. But had never been involved in any crimes to do with the radicalization that he had nonetheless come to the attention of the authorities four after having become radicalized in prison. He was on the French terrorist lists that man is at large a second man has been arrested in Toledo apparently in connection with one of the terrorist investigations going on there. Authorities have arrested Vincent Armstrong at the home. Of Elizabeth lacrosse Macron was arrested. Earlier and charged with planning pipe bomb attacks a third suspect. Twenty one year old Damon Joseph is also charged with material support of ISIS in Toledo in a separate case. A magnitude four point four earthquake struck eastern Tennessee this morning that tremblor was centered near Decatur Georgia. The earthquake has been felt in nearby states. Then there was a three point three magnitude tremblor, Trump lawyer Michael Cohen expected to be the first member of the Trump inner circle to possibly get a significant prison term in connection with these special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation Cohen will be sentenced today for various campaign violations, tax fraud, and perjury Prime Minister Theresa may as volleying to fight for her job in a leadership challenge triggered by conservative lawmakers there at the house of Commons right now may asked about the ongoing Brexit Brexit negotiations have being raised about the facts doping as I said, we continue those discussions and no one yesterday was left in. Any doubt about the strength of feeling in this house calls we own the rights, gentlemen, ignore the referendum to stay in the European Union backstop. That's not a term about cricket. That is a term that they're using about the border between Ireland and Northern Ireland fire has done heavy damage that are church's chicken on eight mile and Shafer on Detroit's west side wing county prosecutor says a Sterling Heights, man, Albert weather's shot and killed a Detroit woman because she was a transgender woman. Kelly staf her body was found on a street last Friday, weather's is in jail. Police are looking for the killer of a seventeen year old in Roseville last night that teenager was from Detroit, Dr Eden wells, the chief medical officer of the state of Michigan has been given a new job in the health department chief health advisor, the one hundred eighty thousand dollars a year job has civil service protection. Wells faces a trial for involuntary manslaughter in connection with the Flint water emergency. It was such a serious case of road rage that a man's. Bond was set at one million dollars. Nobody JR's. Gene Fogel reports. Thirty six year old Albert Smith of Flint faces charges that could send him to prison for many years just before three thirty in the afternoon, November twenty eight sheriff deputies in Livingston county. Receive reports of a minivan ramming cars and US Twenty-three north of I ninety six he was spotted and pulled over. But then sped away is to preserve approached his car chasing sued Smith and hit several mailboxes and utility poles before flipping is van over as deputy pulled Smith from the smoking ban. He attacked the deputy then tried to get into his patrol car to get away. Michigan state police officers and Fenton police arrived or were able to stop him. Gene, Fogel, WJR news. WPRO news time seven thirty three. Here's Steve Courtney sports. All right there. Richard the Red Wings come up short on the road in our nation's capital. As a matter of fact, falling harder to capitol six to last night. Alex Ovechkin twenty first career hat trick twenty five goals in the season. That of course, leads the National Hockey League Red Wings. Now, we'll try and regroup. They will host the Ottawa Senators seven thirty on Friday night the pistons need a win. They've lost five straight turns out they'll have that chance tonight seven o'clock start in Charlotte against the Hornets. Meanwhile, the season has come to an end for lions defensive end Ziggy Ansah another shoulder injury in the win over Aaron Jonah last Sunday. Second one of the season the lions also plays tight end Michael Roberts on injured reserve he as well has a shoulder injury. Lions back on the practice field. An animal park today getting set for the Buffalo Bills on the road, one o'clock Sunday. Of course, our countdown getting underway at ten here on lions radio. Steve Courtney WGN sports..

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