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Friend. Jon Ward is a screen writer director in an actor currently serves as President of Bay Ridge films. He's originally from North Carolina. So of course I asked him to watch Bravo's Bravo's southern charm. He's made a lot of films that have to do with the South John. First of all welcome to the show. Thanks thanks so much. If if you could just tell everybody the unbelievable gift that your beautiful wife gave you well. It's the greatest gift you can. You never get <hes> other than to get me. <hes> I had <hes> a really rare blood disease about three years ago <hes> <hes> I was I was shooting a movie called heart of the country and I you know all of a sudden I was just I was just super tired you know and and then <hes> and then next thing I knew I you know went to went to the doctors and they found out that I had add a one percent of my kidneys left and <hes> this rare blood disorder just fries your kidneys and I needed a kidney transplant or I was going to die and <hes> my wife immediately said I'll do it. You know I'll give him. My kidney and the doctor said listen the odds of a spouse. It's one in ten thousand and <hes> and you know we joke that we were from the south and that were probably related and all this kind of stuff and so <hes> anyway <hes> turns out she was a match. I was the one out of ten thousand and <hes> and so she gave me your kidney and <hes> we had the transplant at U._S._C. and <hes> <hes> you know I got a second chance at life. I call it my second birthday. It was amazing and it's been about. It's a little over a year now yeah yeah about about fourteen months but fourteen months well. I always love to see you guys and I love to see your kids and I remember you left for a little bit to to go back to North Carolina. Of course you are enormous U._N._C. Fans. We actually met at the University of North Carolina Yeah. I was shocked to my core. When you told me you would never overseas southern charm so I was really interested to hear what you thought. I know that you've made films that are set in the south. You've course of their. I kind of felt bad because this episode they had they were on a trip to steamboat springs Colorado so they took this group of friends and took them to Colorado so I thought all right. He's probably confused but did you get a sense right away that they used for people that had known each other for a good amount of time or did it seem like some knew each other for a long time and then a couple were kind of thrown into the mix yeah that I would say that I would say that yeah immediately you know my first impression. Impression was always crap. I completely feel like I know these people because these are all the people I went to high school with Dan. You know I mean it's just like every arc type of everybody that I went to high school with was represented in this show and yeah I felt like some of the people most people knew each other for a long time and that they had all these secrets about each other and that kind of stuff or many felt like maybe one or two recruiting new there was a couple in the show madison with the long blonde hair waving extensions and then Austin the tall guy why they had an incident that you're probably not aware of and that is the reason a lot of them think they're horrible. Couple Madison walked into austen's apartment one morning morning only to find him with two other women..

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