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So east I'm Scott Sam's this is the K. R. L. the morning news thank you for being with us this morning let's talk about jobs Americans jobless claims took another job during the past week let's go into it now right more and let's bring it down a K. are all these business analyst David Johnson David what what we see here well I the numbers are just unthinkable five and a quarter million files for jobless claims that stay it's left six point six million last week but still you stand back over the last four weeks twenty two million jobless claims out there this is the kind of thing that you know we haven't seen since the Great Depression of course it happened all at once there is however this growing feeling that that were peaking at that baby a baby at the time that the coronaviruses speaking also that these these negative numbers are picking a housing starts we got numbers for now these are March numbers so April is going to be worse but down twenty two point three percent building permits however were down less than half what was expected they were down six point eight percent meanwhile the Philly fed business outlook came out today and it was the worst since July of nineteen eighty we are just now as we speak but getting to go through the opening rotation on Wall Street not all of the Dow thirty year opened but we are up seventeen points we're seeing a lot more strength in the nasdaq that's where the technology stocks are today we saw earnings out of Taiwan semiconductor if they were so much better than expected tremendous demand for chips and indeed Microsoft is up two dollars fifty eight cents Intel's up a dollar for the nasdaq's up ninety two the S. and P. which has more the financial stocks that it would've been laboring that's up nineteen point crude the may contract of crude oil is twenty dollars and twenty three cents a believe it or not that's up thirty seven cents the June contract twenty six dollars thirty cents gold up eight dollars ten year rates falling again down a point six one percent so we're seeing more money going to U. S. treasuries we just about have all of the thirty stocks of the Dow opened for trading and the Dow is up forty seven points David Johnson news radio ten eighty KRLD thank you David by the way jobless figures state by state and we're looking at taxes we find nearly one point one million people to file for unemployment just in taxes over the past five weeks the state workforce commission says nearly seventy three thousand people have filed in Dallas County about sixty three thousand and talent more than twenty eight thousand in Collin county eight thirty two now the North Texas food bank is having a huge food distribution event at fair park this morning care all these Allen sky it is there and has a live report good morning Alan good morning Susan with all those lost jobs when talking about more people are in situations where they need this help people started lining up outside fair park about five o'clock this morning in this mobile food pantry still does not open for another half hour one of the guys near the front line says he just lost his job and he's never needed something like this before the line stretches right now at more than about half a mile outside of fair park down highway fifty two around the outside of the the the the fair park the last time North Texas food bank ran out of boxes here at the food bank's Valerie Hawthorne says demanded some locations have jumped more than three hundred percent of this outbreak started they had two thousand boxes of food here last time this time they have sixty five hundred boxes instead of ten pound boxes they are twenty five pound boxes any time there's a crisis whether it be a healthier economic crisis or a combination of both that we have going on right now the spirit of community will always be great and come together especially in cities like Dallas.

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