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One of the most entertaining because they don't have any breaks at all they just make it there and the next day on the twenty four th they start and go all the way until august. I there's no brick at all even gymnastics nights. Are you kidding me. That's and that's what makes it like. I can't miss any cuando. Twenty four through twenty seven table. Tennis which i also love to watch twenty four. I through the six. That shit is same. Have you watch. Not yes dude. Like they go hardcore never seen so much coordination in my play table. Tennis with my friends and my with pretty much every serve like i. I love table tennis. I really do and i am very competitive but comparative these people. I've never i. I say some people actually at unt in the rec center and they're like on the team for table tennis and it's insane. How fast they go. I can't even keep up. So that's just one where i'm like now. I don't know i've never watched it on tv. I've always watched it reluctance. The olympic table tennis is just insane. I mean it's just it's mind numbing. How quickly they do. Honestly i know once a point is made. They set up pretty quickly again. I would have keeping score. We like wait instant. Replay lease anyway Tennis the twenty four. Th through the first trampoline gymnastics which also love saw that and realized that was the twenty nine through the thirty first. Triathlon is twenty six and twenty seven. We have a break thirty first. Volleyball is the whole damn time. It's the twenty four no breaks but then again it is volleyball Same thing was water. Polo same schedule. I never understand. I will never understand vending water polo. Why things i just can't get into it quite violent. don't like you might drown dislike. It's very intense and it's too intense. I feel like that should not be attends. Maybe not say how may have that. They mounted on rails at the bottom of the pool and no shoot like toward the surface should camera and you can see like people kicking other athletes in the pool to get an open line to sheep. I like mma in the water. With all. i saw the i saw. What is it torpedo. Football or something. Oh my goodness. I have not heard us now okay. So it's like football in the water but okay. They only do it underwater. So oh the net is actually at the bottom of and i've seen go under these foreign and they go on. I was like oh. I didn't know that. Got you die weightlifting. Twenty four twenty eight thirty and then finally wrestling first sentence. But if you were wondering about the schedule which i'm sure you because most people don't know the olympic schedule i hope you know now so this is spotify adam. Thank you for coming on. Thank you for having me gone. I was definitely have you again. Specially wants the olympics that started which is about seven days away cannot wait goatee or saying now. I'm not happy that no fan stance. I'm not. I'm really upset i. I'm still going to be watching it on. Tv even if there were fans but it just creates the olympic atmosphere and are they gonna put in crowd noise. What are they going to. Sort the all the major sports leagues around the world probably fake crowd noise at predetermined decimal. I have to have something. I i must say that jesse just silence. No i know. That's the scenario clips that they had recorded of games. Played them so they could always just take sound from our london off for the swimmers. Fake crowd noise from rio. Tweet sixteen imagine like got hired for that job specifically offered me the job. Oh my god. I go yes the timing so that is it for this episode. Please go catch up on our other episodes and follow me on instagram. Podcast underscore spotify all lower case and i will be back once the olympics starts. I don't know how i will determine that all right. Thanks everyone by atoms..

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