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The curtain police we're introducing New York state clean hand sanitizer made conveniently by the state of New York he's like Billy Mays he says the governor of New York showing off the latest wares which I believe are made by prisoners in the New York state prison system the correctional facilities of the Empire State he goes on and cut thirty four this is seventy five percent alcohol it also has a comes in a variety of sizes it has a very nice floral bouquets of little I detect the fly lack hydrangeas tulips what is wrong with you tulips yes floral bouquet this is real and I guess he's sort of having some fun with a little tongue in cheek I kind of found it funny she's like a slightly creepy or sham while guy where that guy I would love to know what it takes to become one of those pitchman right there's the oxy clean guy there's of course the my pillow guy but he is hawking his own product Billy Mays is sort of like Hey here's this random thing you can slap on a boat it'll stop it from sinking Ron Popeil I think was the original one the pocket fisherman the rotisserie grill which my family bought one by the way when I was a kid was that the set it and forget it set and forget it and the funniest thing is when it arrives your house they have giant warning labels that say do not set and forget this machine will burn down your house you have to watch it so the forget it was just something that rhymed was not actually accurate but it made a pretty good chicken it really cuts the fat Andrew Cuomo pitchman from New York some inmates making some hand.

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