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Madden manager there for the joe madden was for the cubs just felt like he could not get out of that fifth inning actually i think yeah the phillies already score run to make it to make it one one so i mean that was when it was a won ballgame and he came out of the came out of that game before the cubs scored three runs in the bottom half of that inning toronto beats the orioles in that in the next game they walk off and the bottom of the tenth inning couple of walkups today and one yesterday i mean a couple of yesterday on wednesdays well so bunch of walk the last two days in major league baseball exciting they wouldn't five four and this one it was a police it was a lme's diaz single that scored that run and got them the victory bunch of home runs in this game as the home run from curtis granderson has fifth of the season the oils home runs from his six mark shambo his third and wins his first of the season for the orioles the young catcher therefore baltimore awesome wins in boston tigers beat the red sox comeback threats seven two two after getting beat up it was a it was a boy to tyler boy i think was the was the start of their matthew boyd sorry matthew boyd lefthander for the for the tigers was excellent when six thirds innings to runs on four hits four walks six strikeouts dig up a home run to injure benintendi that was is the loans of the year with that was really the biggest blemish on his report card the red sox had to do a spot start.

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