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And I think the one name you hear quite a lot in terms of getting parallels to his career is like a guy like David pasternak who went from. Yeah, yeah, went from the SHL came over to North America. You expected a learning curve really wasn't was almost, I think a point per game guy in Providence got bumped up to the NHL 18 the rest is history. Very, very unfair to put that kind of expectation on Fabian myself with arguably the best goal scorer in the league, a guy who I mean, how many teams kicking themselves are not taking him when you saw how quickly his development curve was. So I think for bruins fans, even if lysell starts this upcoming year in the WHL, and he plays in Vancouver, that's any reps, especially considering how tough the last few years have been for prospects is a step in the right direction. So let's say he goes to WHL and you know, he piles on points playing against guys his age, that's a great step in the right direction. If he makes that jump up to Providence, that's great. The number is probably won't be as flash as they are on WHL, but he's learning on the fly as an 18 year old. So whichever step he takes, it's a positive one, but I think just for bruins fans, when it comes to these prospects, you know, you can't expect a David poster every time you have an Uber skilled guy added to the pipeline. And so it's mostly just about preaching patients, right? It's about having a player and having rolling with the punches as they go through your development because how many times look at let's say a guy like our hova and iron in who you looked at maybe 2017, 2018. You're like, all right, this guy by 2019 is going to be a top four fixture. It doesn't work out that way. You know, whether it's injuries or hitting a wall at some point or other factors going to a lot can change over the span of a guy's development. So patients has to be preached for gallic wise, but that being said, you should still be very excited about what he brings to this pipeline as a whole. You said the word patience. He's 18. Again, we can't be expecting. Let me remember Rasmus to lean and we know it's kind of comparing different things. But rass was to lean comes into the league at around, I believe 18 with the savers. I've read these up in Buffalo. But he's a guy who's taken some more time than most people think or most people thought sort of acclimate to the league. You have to expect that with lysell. And don't immediately think that he's untreatable or anything. But you might have an asset there to trade. If you really were going for a big gun, maybe you have something there. That's what the weekend discussed when that avenue opens and also inevitable storyline pops up. Yes. I mean, you don't want to be doing like a Philip forsberg type trade for like Martin era. You know, you don't want to be trading, Fabian lifestyle for some jabroni second line right winger or something. You know, you want to do this when you signed when he signs with a team from the cage. John comes back over there. Yes, exactly. So temper the expectations with lysell a little bit, but enjoy the highlights. Enjoy the highlights, 'cause I guarantee there will be quite a few this year wherever he ends up, whether that be the WHL, Providence, Boston. Another guy who another winger in the pipeline for the bruins, who the bruins expect a good amount of is Jacob loco..

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