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Basically saying he thinks heineke could start. It could ever stay healthy. And that's not so different than just saying we're a lot of quarterbacks they'll they'll go with the well you know you gotta read the defense better. You gotta do this. Whatever i that was like for me the first time of okay wait a minute. They really actually do see heineke. Is you know. Ah somebody who could actually play now. And that was where. I started putting him ahead of kyle alan. I'm still not putting him net side side-by-side fitzpatrick on the depth chart. But i do think that the whole combination the fact that he was the guy that spurred the team on in that playoff game and that ryan fitzpatrick said is the guy who's been around the block but hasn't been able to stable in anywhere. There's an opportunity for rivera to stick to his own can have competition. Not just at right. Tackle not just backup cornerback but even at quarterback even for a guy who was way more famous than the other guy. Because this is what we're going to do here. Yeah i mean. I think that it's a really good point to point out. That taylor heineke actually started in a playoff game in ryan fitzpatrick never has and the career. Never ten heineke done something You know he's played five quarters. Five quarters in in a in a burgundy gold uniform and ryan fitzpatrick has an With that said though. I mean i think a couple of things need to be said or repeated For emphasis because have said these things before number one is. He did play well against tampa. There's no doubt about it. One of the things i said the day after the game was i'd like to see them bring him back. I was intrigued He played a very good game with that said He didn't almost be tom. Brady we have to get away from exaggerating that you know a taylor. Heineke had tom brady. You know on the run had him on the brink and that washington somehow was the one team that had a chance against the eventual. Super bowl champions. That's not true The saints had a really good chance In the postseason against them the packers had a really good chance. But i guess it is fair to say that taylor heineke played better against the buccaneers. Then patrick mahomes did. But then again devon white. Their best defensive player wasn't on the field in the wild card game. I'll never forget the way. I felt watching that game. I never legitimately thought. Washington had a chance to win the game. It's the way i felt going through it. You know they had the ball a couple of times down one score and couldn't do it if he had had a late game. Thirty one twenty three drive to score and got the two point conversion and they won the game in overtime it would have been a legendary performance. But he didn't do that. He had the opportunity a couple of times down one score and they didn't do anything With it when they had those opportunities it was eighteen to six or twenty one to sixteen and they punted in three plays then at thirty one. Twenty three if i recall he took a massive sack and that pretty much ended the game for all intents and purposes. So there's that then there's this the actions speak louder than any ron rivera words. When the season ended their number one goal was to find a starting quarterback they tried to trade for matt stafford. They were rumored to be You know intrigued. With what sam. Darnold derek carr mitch trubisky Who am i forgetting The two Two rookie quarterbacks Drafted quarterbacks in justin fields and trae lance if if it had broken right And then in ot days six of them and in three minicamp days he did not one first team snap so this may change when we get to training camp and maybe they were really blown away with some of taylor didn't meetings and maybe ryan's really behind because he hasn't been the system and when he said we're going to give him equal opportunity equal chances. Let's see if he lives up to it. Let's see if taylor heineke gets first team reps. Let's see if he plays with the i team and maybe gets a start in one of the three preseason games that will tell me something But it'll also be to me. Ben a waste of time if they don't believe he really can start. If it's four optics. I don't want that. I want ryan fitzpatrick who is new to the system. Taylor heineke isn't to get every rep if there's no doubt in their minds. He's the starting quarterback. Yeah i agree. I i'll give rivera's benefit of the data on the optics thing like you said. Actions speak louder than words. He says a lot of things. He's not he's you know. Whatever i mean coaches say things and so on So we'll see we'll see what ultimately what happened and yeah. Fitzpatrick is the one that was getting all the reps with the one in minicamp. Not as which is why when people were saying that the heineke looked better. I mean well. Yeah but chase young. Never on the field when he was out there and william jackson and someone but So so there's that aspect. I i will say is asking. I hadn't thought about this until sort of redoing a thinking about everything here. Lots and you're right day. One free agency the tampering period open and they signed ryan fitzpatrick. And i've said and you've said and others at that's a sign right there too right. They didn't wait five days to do something. This wasn't a half thought. They went after ryan fitzpatrick and has said that you know after staffers were fitzpatrick was was an easy pivot for them to go to. But let's also not forget this guy before that after inbetween missing stafford and signing patrick they did resign heineke and what i think i remember thinking at.

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