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The next eight days at this time i will pick it up enjoy tanneries joining me we're not taking her favorite division which is the tom brady dominates division afc we're not gonna do that today so every day at this time for the next eight days so eleven o'clock eastern ten o'clock pacific i don't know what time it is in the mountains a one eastern i you know the mountains they're got their own thing going on they got like ufo facilities and crazy alien vortexes in i i don't know what the mountain time is they're they're eleven right now we're in the mountains or eleven o'clock in the mountains there's goats at a bar watching us in the mountains sat out to the mound okay all right so here we go night pick the nfc north because i think aaron rodgers coming back now i'm not going to give you the records until the end i'm gonna just give you the order and explain the order and we have a little nfl music we can go let's start with the green bay packers i have them winning the division first of all aaron rodgers returns with a chip on his shoulder a secondly they addressed their number one weakness in the draft they have the last two years corner pack the number one part of their defense i really really liked though is their defensive front and added muhammad wilkerson so they got better at the area with mike daniels that i really like here's the other thing nfl seasons are a lot like movies if you have a great start for twenty minutes and you have a great ending for twenty minutes you you can elevate above soso middle the.

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