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General fled with his wonderful new legal counsel withdrawing his guilty plea and this thing just stinks in twelve different ways and I was I was talking to start my friend Luke this morning about this topic can you you're looking at general Flynn being railroaded and losing documents and Carter page a Naval Academy grad being railroaded and altering documents and and this is our government treats this is how the FBI and federal law enforcement of the justice department this is how they treat a three star army general who is the national security adviser to the president of the United States former director of the defense intelligence agency how do you think they treat the rest of us what should wait what should the take away be is just a tax payer a citizen that this is how the FBI in the just a part of the law enforcement the highest levels of the federal government this is how the eight railroad a three star general this is how they rail road to Carter page enable academy grads this is how they're real road the president of the United States of America with the assistance of a very corrupt news media and and looking to see what I what how are we supposed to think we're ever going to get a fair shake in this corrupt government why should we as taxpayers trust our government trust the state trust the FBI trust law enforcement after seeing all of the things that we've seen over the course of the last several years which are still because a corrupt lazy compliant dogs sexually alerting the Democrat party news media like The New York Times in the CNN they're not peeling back the layers of the onion here they're they're the onion their part there the problem that media is literally the price you know the media is the message of Marshall McLuhan the media is the problem the media is the message of the Democratic Party Marshall McLuhan was maybe ahead of his time everybody thought he is out of stock but here comes the the new legal team for for general Flynn and they're they're pulling the plug on on this guilty plea and you know what the F. B. I.'s doing now the FBI has come back and they said okay look look look we will we will if you agreed to not change the plea the FBI instead of arguing for prison time which is what they've been arguing for because they set him up they set up a three star army general by tricking him deceiving him misleading him by pretending that it was one way when in fact it was the other way and they set up the national security adviser to the president I'd states the call me F. B. I. set up a three star general to take a fall and they framed him this and they're trying to put him in prison as always say the left loves to imprison their political enemies around the world the left is here they're here now for real in earnest and that's why we have all these problems from the lying on any that are left in the media the left on Capitol Hill the left in the FBI the left at the CIA John Brennan do you know anybody who ever voted for the Communist Party candidate for the presidency of the United States never have dinner with people that voted for Gus hall for president because John Brennan voted for Gus hall the Communist Party candidate for president I'd states a Bronco Bob made him CIA director and ever since he did the CIA has been an ongoing criminal enterprise targeting the political enemies of the Democratic Party certainly appears that way in any event so general Flynn is withdrawing his guilty plea the FBI came in there like no no no no no all right will give the order right no jail time no jail time we'll settle for probation just don't change the plate you know why because they're up against the wall now their backs are against the wall because general flint's new legal team is taking no prisoners in there after the truth and I can't turn over that three oh two FBI agents go and they and they tricked general Flynn at the White House into thinking they're having a casual conversation and they were in their entrapping him and again any FBI agent comes to your door at this point for the rest of your life and knocks on your door and says we just like to have a word with you close the door and called the police on them call a team of lawyers call Hillary's lawyers are you couldn't afford them but but there it is honestly this is what Kobe on Obama I have done to the FBI the FBI comes and knocks on my door they said they want to ask about my next door neighbor I don't think I'm going to talk to a I think I'm going to not say anything I'm going to close the door and I'm going to go away how about that and I'm I'm me you know I'm not like someone not Bernie Sanders over here I'm not a Bernie bro this is me and look what they've done to the FBI and and look how easy it was to destroy public confidence which is just what putting wanted as a matter of fact just by the way and US figure which the Democrats have derailed the U. S. government for a full three years now to the extent that they've been able to they've created chaos and anarchy and dysfunction in Washington to the point where we really the government has gotten very little done very little everything president trump has gotten done is bent over the figurative dead bodies of the Democrats who have laid down in front of any side of progress and tried to prevent it and they've created all this chaos and impeded our country which quite honestly is even what the ambassador Henke hack up on Capitol Hill said is what Putin wants it's the Democrats are actually carrying out his wishes and CNN is too stupid to notice it because they're actually reading from Putin's playbook tip yeah I don't believe there really pop it's important but this is exactly what not consciously there on winning dupes of of putting because this is what put once and they're doing it at the behest of CNN is doing it at the best of the Democrats on Capitol Hill and your your member Adam Schiff got suckered by those Russian comedians that called said they had naked pictures of Walter Brennan Donald Trump or somebody they railroaded general Flynn and general sun is withdrawing his foot is is play and now the FBI is retreating will settle for probation screw you guys you guys need to be taken down all right you guys need to beat and I'm talking about the people that railroaded and and call me is included in that just by the way and and I say this out my name is Chris Plante I'm I'm a conservative radio talk show host that time often described and if the FBI comes knocking at my door I trust them as much as I trust the Stasi the east German state or police at this point because of what call me and and and stroke and page and the Democrats have done to the reputation of the FBI then they did it for political purposes for political gain then they used foreigners to advance their political interest in conspiring against their political opponents does any of this sound familiar because this is the topic of discussion on Capitol Hill today yesterday and for many months now but they've gotten all backward once again looking at the world through the lot wrong end of the telescope when's argument general Flynn's argument found support in a January twenty third two thousand seventeen article in The Washington Post of all places citing FBI sources in the post article published the day before Flynn's interview with FBI agents where they misled him and and real run a three star general national security director former chief for the D. I a and they're railroading how do we stand a chance against the government so corrupt how does a taxpayer how does a regular citizens stand a chance against this right and the post reports that directly stated that the bureau had listened in on his calls with the Russian ambassador and cleared him of criminal wrongdoing okay right so that's in the post right but then they go talk to him and they come back to the FBI and they fill out this three oh two which is the FBI agents writing down what they remember the conversation to be from an hour ago work three hours ago or yesterday and they fill out the three how to and they corrupted the three oh two and now his defense attorneys are asking for it and guess what it's lost they can't find it no we can't find it well maybe you'll Corinthians stole the three oh two we can't find it so I mean honestly how banana Republic is this city how banana Republic is James call me and and the the Democrats it's it extracts and then of course there's Peter stroke he's in the middle of the soul thank additionally as it emerged since flint's guilt general Flynn's guilty plea that the FBI officials who interviewed interviewed slams anti trump agent Peter stroke and special supervisory agent number one have each been implicated by the department of justice inspector general Michael E. Horowitz in apparent misconduct and mismanagement in both the Flinn case and the Russia probe generally CNN is not on the story today they're not looking into this they're not covered and if they're looking to cover it they're looking to cover it up hi for the Democrat party strokes misconduct and anti trump bias are well documented the identity of special secret agent number one is protected in the flint legal proceedings but fox news has identified the agent as a guy named Joe dot P. I. T. T. M. K. Hey what another Ukrainian army how many Ukrainians are falling out of the trees around the place for crying out is either a Russian or Ukrainian and all the Democrats these agents so it's it's yeah cat and and he got transferred and promoted when it was found out he was involved in the crooked stuff they promoted him and moved up to San Francisco where you know we can do all the things he likes this is a basic however pain can no longer appears on any F. B. I. website being removed shortly after fox news identified him as the unnamed a supervisory special agent these people are so crooked it is just amazingly crooked crooked crooked crooked okay so now the F. B. I.'s like okay well so you just back off just don't investigate us anymore well downgrade it will just ask for probation instead of prison time for the national security adviser director of the defense intelligence agency and career army officer rising to the rank of lieutenant general that's who call me and Obama railroaded based on nothing and try to put him in prison they bankrupted if he had to sell his house they threaten to put his son in prison on trumped up charges this is the stuff of the Soviet days okay I'm not our side of the wall of the Soviet days their side of the wall of the Soviet days and if you're not outraged you're an idiot let me just say that okay plans attorney further asserted that his previous lawyers at Covington Burling had betrayed him by advising that he plead guilty without providing adequate assistance of counsel the Covington Burling team was constitutionally deficient and had not even informed general Flynn that the agents who interviewed him initially didn't think he was lying saw no indication of deception but that's okay they changed the the document later plans lead lawyer Sydney Powell said this woman said nay Powell is a a real star yeah she's standing up for what's right so naturally the media is out to get her to that's how corrupt they are truly extraordinary judge general Flynn withdrawing is his play he will not be found guilty we already know that the FBI railroad and we don't have to like but wait to find that out also today the the headline from this also from fox news broke segment X..

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