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Both Lowrey and Frazier will be ready for old timers day if the Mets have won in twenty twenty five. Five. Apparently, metropolitan trainers are telling the team not to work out until they're in better shape. Hello, what's whether it's the metropolitan manacles nab or where they send the players for tender loving care. You're beginning to fear their doctors more than what bothers the player as the doctors with the treatment. He can only wonder maybe you read this. The New England Journal of medicine says that nine out of ten doctors agreed that one out of ten doctors already it. So where do the metropolitan send their players? You mentioned you mentioned the word you mentioned the word artery to a metropolitan trainer or doctor. They think you're talking about a fine painting. And what? What are we hearing? What is this? I heard from Francisco. Mike Francisco, you know, Hugh heard from him during is open at one o'clock. What was he saying about Tim tebow? The Metropolitans are dying to bring him up to the varsity. No, Mike, Mike had to be joking. Yes. Yes. We'd be in favor of Tibo coming up to the varsity for the conducting of Sunday services. Now, we're thinking, of course, right away. I'm thinking of George Harrison's, my sweet Lord with somebody who is not a fraud. Somebody who's not phony he believes and believing that is to be make this with no mistake that is to be respected, even admired. But he's a gimmick gimmick to Sal to his adoring fan base. And you know, that is adoring fan base would buy anything with his name on it. And you know, that shake shack would be selling a loaves and fishes with some wine, where do you think with the metro violence probably having Tibo himself served this thousands. Maybe the Metropolitans are thinking of having Tibo. Take your confession during the seventh inning stretch, by the way. Here's another extended player. We were reading about today. Now, you know, what they are and auto with the rockets eight years and two hundred and sixty large. So who was Severino Hicks miles Meko laws of Saint Louis, and Oprah them. There's four right there. What's website Graham? And may I just add and nobody should be. I'm sure by this time paying any attention to me. Can the Mets make bad on Harper? Is that illegal is that against the law? Can you make at least a bid to at least get for a day some hope for the metropolitan band based by excuse me, God forbid bring something like that especially in a monologue, by the way, we'll see Tibo. He takes a knee all the time. But we'll see we'll see Tibo who takes a knee all the time before we see an extension for side grab God for bad t Boeing. We all know from Tibo ING. Nobody no issue whatsoever. Nobody complains what is it Thursday night? Now before we take a break and get right away to your telephone calls. We have a three and a half hours up until Sal licata. Coming your way at ten Thursday night. Circled the date. And you know, I bet I bet a good portion of your listening right now the ten fifteen of you know, what I'm talking about with Thursday night. Don't you? Circle this date. It's the twenty eight that's the date. It's a special night. Isn't it? He's coming home to the Barclay center. And yes. New now, I know we all know. He is affectionately by by fans. All over the North America with the continent. And we're not talking Carlin, although he understands from what I'm about to get into. I know this for sure. You know, I know we all know he's affectionately referred to by all is slander fans as pajama boy. And you know, why we urge listen closely. If you're a member of the is land or front office, we urge the organization, and I'm talking about you. And you know, who you are we urge the organization before the game to remember him with a video tribute. It would be a motion and for every fan in attendance for Thursday's game at the Barclay center. Never mind about their game tonight with Calgary. That's only an order. That's only the salad before the main dish the main Abedin that's Thursday night. And who hasn't been looking forward to it? I know for every fan in attendance. Standing. With respect you would with every fan in attendance, you show that appreciation for what he did what he meant. And you'll stand and liked it. But apparently from what I was hearing earlier today, apparently, the is slander fan just cannot vote on can't forget the way he lamp leaving to go home. Nothing wrong with going home is there and Icelander fans. Just for some reason only the hockey gods. No only Lord Stanley knows for sure why it is so difficult for the Icelander phantom move on. He left to go home to Toronto leaving to go home to his favorite team growing up leaving Icelander fans, apparently very better very sour and sewer. Shame on you. Shame on all is slander fans who can't forget cannot move on cannot appreciate what they have. Now for nine years. You were part of the New York.

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