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Dominic Robb with lays it in. Oh, what a pass from prochet. Dedom- little finger roll over the rack, Niagara by seven thirty to twenty three Arizona Thomas whether it against towns off the window that one no good. Great defense there by James Marvin prochet passed James to the bucket layup. Yes, James towns gives Niagara the nine point lead. They've equalled their largest lead of the day. Thirty two twenty three the score. There is a regent file on Rahim Solomon right in front of the Niagara bench for regime that is his second. Well, a great burst thereby Naggar, and it all started on the defensive end back to back strong defensive possessions by Niagara substitution Khalil Tate's gonna come in and renamed Solomon. With those two fouls will sit down. Seven straight by the purple eagles. Kayonza Chavis quickly becoming one of my favorite names of the year. Inbounds the ball Norfolk state with it in the frontcourt study pit now. Two Butler, Jordan Butler, taking Dominic Robb in the paint. Little float around the way is good. That was a good move there by Butler. He's got four points. Back comes Niagara that snaps a seven nothing run thirty to twenty five purple eagles lead. It. Towns gives it to Khalil Tate. Keleaf at the top of the key here. Looking for towns left wing doesn't give it to them and settle go right side, the Hammett Marcus Hamid back to James James extra pass leaves three on the way. That one is good. Keleaf Tate knocks down his first field goal of the day. It's a triple and Niagara by ten thirty five twenty five seven different purple eagles have scored here in this opening half four thirty eight left Pitt back to Butler Butler to the basket blocked away from behind by Dominic Robb outlet to tape. Here's Khalif had it knocked away by pit. It will be purple eagles basketball at another one to the totals for Dominic Robb. Niagara will inbound. Third in the nation in blocked shots averaging over three game. A sensational.

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