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Of course, six nothing game. After two periods homegrown goes into the dressing room says this is not acceptable for the flyers. And they came out in the third period. And they fought. Contract now. I should say Kennedy run by Simmons. And now ran racing to the Ray every this challenging the Opie saying. Referee going to try to keep that separate. He will be able to do away. They go. His his point as every. His way. As trading with Alexi. For sure. I just thought about that watching that game. So I was surprised, but I wasn't surprised if you understand what I mean, the unique thing about this. We're used to coaches getting fired midseason then happens all the time side of last year happens every year in hockey happens every season seldom if ever do see general managers dismissed during the season that happens at the end of the year at the wrap up. That's it for the general manager. It's new direction. That's leaves me asking questions about this one. How long was this disgust had been going on for a while? The question becomes why? Then why on that Monday? Did it happen? Because it was at a crisis point, it's obvious that look there was a philosophical divide there. There was Ron Hextall stay the course stay the course stay the course were not moving from. The course we're not giving up our prospects were staying the course, and there was Paul homegrown, and Dave Scott. And for those of you don't know Scott is kind of psalm up front for the first time at the media conference. He's the Comcast spectacled chairman and CEO and their sidewise. I just filled in the best interests of the organization. It was time to look for new voice can with the different mindset can can push push the team to the next level. Just want to add on really just Sam quickly to because we talked in length about this decision. And for me, I sort of build it down to one question. You know, I think that we can do better as a team now not two years or three years from now. But now, and I think that answer was yes. And there is a comparison to Edmonton. Because Edmunds, and we talked about why did they change? Todd McLellan for Ken Hitchcock because they looked at their division and said nobody is running away with this our division is not that good. We can still save our season. And my guess is these Scott Owen wherever else was on their side looked at the metropolitan this year say nobody is running away with this. Pittsburgh's coming back Washington's getting going Columbus wins games. But still you're not terrified by anybody there. And you're saying we can still do this. And that says to me too that they believe that the problem was as much what they thought was Ron Hextall intransigents as opposed Dave Hextall's coaching. So the bizarre thing about that is we normally see the effects on the ice when a coach is dismissed, and that's obvious. The coach has the hands on. With the player. There's that kind of relationships you understand how the product changes on the ice when the coach get switched. The general managers one step removed from that sure he can play around the chess pieces and bring in new players an exit players as well. But generally when there's a general manager dismiss you don't see the effects right away on the ice. Now. There was more of a push from the Philadelphia fires next game. All be it. It wasn't a loss against the Ottawa Senators right away. You know, you had Dale we, you know, fighting Ben Harper, and you saw more of a push from the Philadelphia. Flyers ended up losing on a beautiful met Shane goal late in the third period. But still there was that type of fact are we to read into this, then whomever, the flyers higher as their next general manager that will be someone who aggressively moves bodies out somebody who has to present a plan. Absolutely. You're not hiring more of the scene. Now, it's hard to make a trade in this league..

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