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Of that hormone. So like the FIV tests that we just talked about the BNP snap test is a test that can look at elevated levels of that BNP hormone in the body. And we know we associate high levels of that BNP hormone is secreted into the bloodstream when those underlying heart disease. So if you have a patient that comes in with breathing difficulty this five or ten minute test can help you quickly determine is that patient one that isn't risk and concerning for heart disease, and I should think about diorite six and other heart specific medications or is that test normal, and I should say to myself. Well, maybe that breathing difficulty is because of fluid around the lungs or pneumonia fluid in the lungs or infection. And there's actually a commercial test for this a cat specific feline NT pro beyond tests that's been available now for years, and there have been lots of. Clinical studies that look at this to help determine again that breathing difficulty patient are they in heart failure, and we should use heart medications or are they in lung disease failure, they have pneumonia. Do they have fluid around their lungs, and I need to consider other testing or other treatment because these patients can be quite critical and seconds and minutes can matter such important information again work with your emergency veterinarian and asked them upon questions of what tests are absolutely needed. I will also educate pet owners out there. You don't have to pay for all these tests are certain tested are more important than others. So work with your veterinarian, especially if you have financial limitations, I will say, my go-to and probably GARRETT'S go to for any sick dog and cat is always a complete blood count in chemistry panel the other tests, we may or may not do depending on the situation or what signs your dog is showing. I will say it's really important for us to find out. What's going on? But we can also work with your veterinarian the following day, depending on how stable your dog is Dr packing any last tips us with. I'm just going to go with what you said, many veterinarians, I hope most if not all veterans wanna work with you. Our primary goal is to treat the patient, and we will work with whatever financial limitations. We have we will help you prioritize tests. I routinely tell clients in an ideal world here are the series of tests that I would recommend. I'm going to help you prioritize which ones I believe are the most important could.

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