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Whatever it was. I hope it works and if it works for in the playoffs. He's a genius he biton. I know jeff daniels here on the rich eisen show. American rusts You get to choose what you wanna do I'm sure this must have Intrigued you Maura tierney and bill camp. An excellent cast including you In this drama which you're playing a A town chief of police in the rust belt in pennsylvania. What attracted you to this role jeff. I drove by heinz field every day on the way to work. So there was that The steelers home and went to a pirates game. That was great. I love pittsburgh and I know these people. I grew up in michigan. I i i am working class. I worked at my dad's lumber company. It really is about those people in the corner of the country. Who much like in detroit. When the car companies left a lot of factories mexico and china same thing happened in pittsburgh in the eighties with the steel industry. And these people got left behind and they're good people and they're decent people and they just wanna break one break and they're staring at the bottom and they end up doing bad things in order to survive and those people are out there and as as entertainment goes i love the storytelling it's unpredictable. You don't know you can stop every episode and go what happens next and you'll be wrong and it just builds and builds and builds. We really good people on this. You know it's it's not much different than what the lions are doing or any. Nfl team where you bring in the front office staff and the coaching staff. You get really good people who have a a history of succeeding at what they do. And you get on your project like american roster and then you get out of their way and you'll let him go and that's kinda how this one it's it's i think it's really strong. And if people are looking for that drama where you don't know what happens next. This is it again. It starts sunday. September twelfth on showtime at ten pm eastern time In the minutes. I have remaining with you jeff daniels. There's a game. We like to play with our celebrity. Guests called celebrity true or false. Were you set the record straight on some of the things that wind up on wikipedia and some of the other spaces of the internet's if you wouldn't mind playing along i have a few items for you to set the record straight on if you don't mind jeff daniels can't wait now. I believe you. I believe you when you say that. Poor first item up forbids.

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