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I'm waiting for a description and what's her name by the winter circle circle winner winner webb reality winter reality winter is being described pierre thomas abc news here's our she's describe i by fred seveli goal good here's where cubs it gets interesting she's a british we know she's a bernie sanders supporter we know she was anti trump we know she's in all these that you have a family described her she lifts weights she's a patriot as to the rashed not one word about the fact that she's a liberal democrat bernie sanders socialist loving social justice warrior who hates donald trump you think that might speak to her motivation of leaking things possibly i i went to bed so angry i went to bed so disgusted by stomach was cherney i said to myself i don't care how well regarded abc news might be they are frauds pierre thomas you're fraud david muir you guys are lying you are show hellbent on destroying trump you won't tell the truth to the stare hit the face and on on this close to walking away completely from even engaging in the mainstream media i'm not kidding i don't think it's good for i don't want to go to bed angry i i hate to go to bed angry denise i have this rule about going to bed of the like most couples good at egger you can't sleep it's not good try to resolve it i don't know how to resolve this other the trying to figure out how to find pierre thomas his phone number and call of and say how in the heck can you leave out that part of her story did you do that intentionally and of course the answer would be hubbard hamad avas hamadeh well you know we did we ran out of time we did the was important they live their lawyers show i don't know maybe give me some advice ed morressy a little bit later on the show to talk about the james comey testimony tomorrow but i i feel free to give me or to judge worth have you walked away from the.

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