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I like seeing good horses are dialogs with their reputation and tact tonight. I hope mischief can do that. Yeah, 11.6 million in prize money. It's not ideal to see things go the way they have, but hopefully he can bounce back and same remains for native trail, although I have to be honest about it, I have questions about native trail. While there may be a question mark about participation, there are certainly isn't regarding Alban east as we stay with coupon company. The Dali Yorkshire oaks goes to her, she beats the oaks winner and Tuesday, Irish oaks winner back in 5th and another group one winner, the pretty poly winner le petit coco was third. So it was a race of strength and depth. But the first group one on British soil for albanese and a great site was the fact that summer Mark prescot was actually there. That's becoming a rare sight these days, some rock actually being at the races, but he was there. Thoroughly enjoyed it. And all rose leads to the arc for her now. It's a masterclass placing performance from Samarkand. He is incredible. His job, but it's highlighted with a hike. Often it's highlighted with the horses with lesser ability when they rack up a sequence of wins. Basically, obviously, is very talented, but to place the way he has and not to get excited and go for stay in Phillies company and go for races that she would be vulnerable in it is truly commendable and I haven't written that much for him, but I'm a massive fan of his and I love his company. It's very rare that I spend time with him. I think he deserves a lot of applause for his decision making with this video. He's a proper character, and the crowd would love him. And the Yorkshire crowds are incredible racing minds, and they were just thrilled to be in his company in his presence. Although he did have something sarcastic to say to Lizzie his love, one of the best of the game when he turned her and said, I didn't appreciate you saying, well done, with a furlong to go. On runs. She did have to overcome the late challenge of Tuesday, and it was nice to see her back to something like that. Yeah, something like her best. I would imagine that she'll take in the free de la opera, if not a trip to Irish champions weekend first, but the people opera would see made for her. Yeah, it would. Yeah, obvious Tiger, a little bit of juice, maybe going back and she clearly

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