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Traffic and weather on the AIDS. Dave Tilden in the W T o p Traffic center Route 50 eastbound Annapolis to the eastern shore. We've reached the point now, with the crash of the Bay Bridge and a limitation because of the weather. Where if you were planning on driving to the eastern shore, you may want to rethink that, at least for the near term until things get better. Right now we're talking about it. Nine miles stop and go back up and probably take about an hour and 1/2. Just drive that stretch across Broadneck. Get the Bay Bridge. Now, just 30 seconds ago, they reopen two lanes on the eastbound span. Traffic was held for about 10 minutes. It was only one right lane getting by for a few more after that, But they have cleared the crash at the beginning of the eastbound span that by no means Means that the traffic is going to get better. As a matter of fact, we're still limited because of the damp conditions to two lanes. No two way traffic today. Ah, lot of cut through work around across Broadneck on ST Margaret's College Parkway. Authorities do want you to stay with Route 50. If the Eastern Shore was your intended destination, Route four in Upper Marlboro closed north bound between Richie Marber Road and Woodyard Road Poll on fire Concern over wires coming down. South bound traffic on four was stopped for a while still unclear of South bound traffic and get by. We think they're still assessing the situation Root for is definitely a place. You don't want to be either in upper Marlboro 3015 South bound. Slow these days. Maurin put from local traffic with the closure of AKA Kik Road West Brandywine Road 95 holding up between the Beltway's in Maryland on the outer loop of the Beltway. Not sure if it's a new crash or the original crash but west of New Hampshire Avenue, at least one lane blocked likely on the left side interlude. For knocking delays through Silver Spring. Virginia long volume delays on 95 in the summer Friday, especially on the South bound trek from Quantico through Stafford County toward Fredericksburg. North, battling heavy in Fredericksburg, and in many stretches through Prince William and Fairfax County's eastbound I 66 Beyond 1 23 The crash was moved off the highway. Ashley Homestore's end of season clearance sale is the best time by save up to 75% off America's number one name in furniture. Ashley Homestore, Dave Golden w T o p. Traffic..

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