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The the basis this is the bible wrote about the dreamers that's what this is about that the vipul specifically had policy prescriptions for how we deal with people we called dreamers in the united states well yeah but i notice that in her eight hours talking about socalled dreamers she didn't for example talk about the literally 100 to think over twenty one hundred dhakabased officiers had elgibility pulled it at the last count for being part of gangs and having felony convictions and things like that she shouldn't say that you're well hohns like nobody talks about that i dug twenty one hundred i mean you were telling me that this morning i was like really is is it that many outward our reporters came out from the us sentencing commission and other ones keep track of foot federal prisons stem from two thousand eleven to two thousand sixteen even though aliens are only eight and a half percent of the us population over forty percent of the criminals convicted in federal courts were aliens while again another topic we don't talk about out a looks like looks like we have a relation a hans relation on the phone uh it's mckinley in charleston west virginia mike we have online one skoda mckinley real quick mckinley good morning the morning are you do it on opted right laid on what go ahead go ahead lay it on them uh he online you might think about eternity growing up uh amnesty and about people here illegally atondo's my wife the chinese and we got married in china and it took almost two years to get through the legal process of getting of the united states you have a you you you did it you did it legally let me tell you if they suddenly decide they're going to provide citizenship to two million illegal aliens all of the resources that dhs spans on trying to make folks like you who google through legal process become citizens that's all going to get diverted to all of these illegal aliens yeah so you.

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