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He can play all of those types of weak move linebacker type roles that you want that the Patriots and every patriots fan wants speed speed speed at the second level. Quay walker is it. The guy that I see, maybe not as big as Jamie Collins, but I think there's a lot of Jamie Collins in his game, right? Length, athleticism, freakish freakish athleticism, this guy is going to absolutely murder the combine next week. I think that he's everything that you would want in that position and that pick. Plus at 6 foot three to 40, maybe you get them up to two 45 once you get them in the building. He's still got some sand in the pants. And he still got some length to be able to press blocks, get his hands into people and create some separation and get off some blocks when they are asking him to shed and stack in the trenches. So a really a lot to like about clay walker and this is another one of those picks too where I look at it and I say, if they can just draft anybody from that George defense, I'm taking them. That was one of the best defenses in the last two decades in college football. I think anybody from that defense, whether it's at the first level with Davis or Wyatt or walker, the other walker, travon walker, quay walker, tindall, dean, Louis scene in the back end. Just get somebody from the door to defense. It really doesn't matter who it is. I like boy walker personally, so that's why I took him. But anybody from that Georgia defense is good with me, that you just can't go wrong with picking off a defense that goes 8, 9, ten deep with NFL prospects. Josh job. Josh job cornerback from Alabama, third round pick, definitely has some flaws, not a perfect player by any means, grabby, has some penalties, but when you watch him play, press man coverage, the guy beats people up. He's in massive corner. He's got great physical tools to be able to play press man and he can really bring it in his jam and in the initial parts of the route to really get into guys and really press guys at the line of scrimmage and make it difficult for them to get off the route. So you'd look about pairing him with a guy like JC Jackson, what I like about it is that when you go up against a Mike Williams, you go up against a Corey Davis when you go up against some of these bigger X receivers that are going to play on the outside..

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