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Doctor Strangelove and I urge you all to watch it immediately and then when you go to this book you say which is real and which is fiction president Eisenhower secret battle to save the world through the that Dulles dies and we've not done a fair telling of dollars but the relationship with Eisenhower was was cordial sometimes Delly's was a bore other times I was struck by the fact that you use the word on club of eleven did that translate in the fifties it doesn't much today you don't hear it anymore because there are a lot of people don't look at the gentleman's clubs the way they did then the idea that you have to be a gentleman that you had to have a certain Polish and with the numer and and and and John foster Dulles is going to Princeton and all that but he's during his finger with his thumb he had bad breath the socks troops he was just on global although there were moments you say he was sentimental and kind of soft heart yes I mean there was a day yet is that a bad rap on him there was a softer sweeter better dollars behind this kind of facade of moralists preacher we're coming to the so called a summit between Khrushchev and Eisenhower this is the final year of the administration we're looking to an election with an open White House in nineteen sixty Richard Nixon will be running against Jack Kennedy and therein lies another drama that will begin after the break however the Bissell operation of the U. to comes to Eisenhower one more time and makes a pitch for flying you too is very close is the spring of nineteen sixty what is Eisenhower go along with it what I want to see into the Soviet Union to see whether the Soviets are building ICBMs particularly at the base up and near the Arctic Circle in northern Russia and the pressure from the defense community the intelligence community is tremendous we wanna do this flight I have some reluctance his son John told me was like those bomber pilots of World War two felt that their luck was running out but he said okay he permitted the flight he forever regretted it because that was the flight with a pilot Francis Gary powers it was shot down by a Soviet Sam of Soviet and the surface to air missile and eyes narrowed and wanted to been told the same couldn't reach the you twos and also was told by the CI a by Allen Dulles that the pilot would not survive that either he would be killed when the plane broke up or he would take a suicide pill neither of those things happened the pilot survived the Russians captured and then made a great circus and shall have having captured this wicked slide behind there since Francis Gary powers an APR nineteen sixty and Evan are you suspicious operation grand slam they had a window of April twenty fifth to may first they did it deliberately on may first may first nineteen sixty one two and sought to insult of the Soviet Union you think that was purposeful no I think that was an accident to play the the flight had been delayed a few days by whether I think that was just a coincidence they want to get it done as fast as possible because of some was coming up but the effect was insulting because May Day is a great socialist revolution it's the birthday holiday and the Soviet Union of the United States to be flying overhead on May Day seem like an insult to the Soviets and this ends the peace initiative and important here to mention this grand equation that Eisenhower held in his head he was always promoting through speeches atoms for peace I love that they called it wants for Hottentots that is a fifties joke that is lost on on America today in the twenty first century but also advancing the idea that nuclear weapons can be turned into peaceful means an open skies all of that was I did Eisenhower believe that that full the Soviets that that encourage the U. N. to trust him is that why you did that well he you know he felt that the you know he really was a peaceful guy and he wanted he wanted honestly to reach out and to to do that full them Evan I mean did did Khrushchev say oh well he's not going to bomb us after all no in the you know they're both feeling each other neither neither side suicidal new side really wants to die they really don't remember because others survived Stalin Hitler but there's a there's a lot of seating and bluffing going on I'm really on both sides but under that there is a desire for peace that eyes now is counting on the new president Jack Kennedy bay of pigs kept pastor faith Evan pictures in a glimpse wondering the White House lawn at four AM weeping when he gets up he goes to Gettysburg where Eisenhower has retired to play golf and walks a walk the Gettysburg field and admired Lee and wonder what he would have done and Jack Kennedy sets with Dwight Eisenhower and asks what did I do wrong what should I have done no I had the impression of in that they did not get on is that correct they have a bad relationship before this one hour now I thought that Kennedy was a call them a whipper snapper you know green behind the years of this former lieutenant JG from World War two and I've never had a low opinion of Jack Kennedy's father he does a collector but that he wasn't he wasn't but a in in this bad pigs exercise really confirm dies now the Kennedy was not ready for the job but the former president said Dan to educate the new president and Jack Kelly listened and what I what I discovered was a Kelly had not done a good job of consulting with his own military hadn't really listened you know you have to be able to hear the kind of secret signals and the joint chiefs and the military is said to Jack Kennedy the new president when Kenny so would you approve of the bad picks operation the C. C. I. A. operation against Cuba the military did not object to it what Kelly couldn't hear was that they they they said well they really think it's a CIA operation is not our responsibility and Kennedy did couldn't took his the secret dog whistle that generals say when they say yes what they really mean is it's not our job or not our responsibility Kennedy couldn't hear that and Eisenhower basically to Hooters the new president had a listen for that that is going to be a wiser president and Kennedy to his credit did learn on the job and fortunately by the time the Cuban Missile Crisis comes along a year and a half later in October nineteen sixty two Kennedy is a better and stronger president Eisenhower of as he lies dying in nineteen sixty nine has no regrets he asked them not just don't let them put me on a horse but you have one little detail in here and I need to put it right at the end because this is an all reverential Eisenhower tried to cover his tracks.

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