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Donald Trump, Democrats, President Trump discussed on MSNBC Morning Joe


It's worth housing on that because that is just a statement of fact. And as the director he claims says here at I deserve good reason to credit it that it made every challenges that the intelligence community was already facing. All the more difficult to have a presidential nominee doing such an unprecedented thing openly publicly at cetera, and that is what he's referring to. What he says collusion is already proven, whether criminal conspiracy we've proven or not, as he says is not yet known, but that is an act inviting collusion with foreign power. That's the gist of the article. I think the message he's trying to send by having it come out today is quite clear, which is as he said yesterday on the phone and other interviews. So I'm not going to be silenced here. And obviously John Brennan was not big very restrained before yesterday, but I think to publish this op-ed today in the New York Times a way of saying, Donald Trump. Spider shot across my doubt. I'm going to fire right back and I'm not going to be giving up an inch and being if Trump starting to intimidate me, he's not intimidating me. I'm going to be doing exactly the same thing I've been doing. All right. In the closing paragraph, no, he sort of makes your point where he says in part attempt to scare into silence. Others who might dare to challenge him and this is my concern again for individuals who will never know about names. We will never here who have who need that clearance once they're out of government in order to make their livelihood. It is essentially holding a gun to their livelihood and their families, and that isn't abuse of power. What Republicans are doing Republicans like Jim Jordan and rand. Paul who are cheering on this kind of behavior. I don't know what they're thinking in the event that Democrats take congress. We are going to have investigations of every activity. This White House engages in, and it will be thoroughly justified. It will tie up this White House not only will the legislative phase of the Trump presidency be over, but the Trump presidency itself will be under a microscope like they have not experienced before, and this White House is already in a bunker mentality. Imagine where we're going to be in six months time. The headline of. A piece. John Brennan says, President Trump's claims of, no collusion are hogwash. We're reading through it will share more with you in just a moment. Still ahead. Rudy Giuliani says, the Trump legal team is ready to meet Bob Muller at the supreme court, the latest on the Russia investigation the waning chances of presidential sit down plus governor, Andrew Cuomo of New York hands. His opponent, some ammunition for attack ads, why the New York Democrat says America quote was never that great. And later, what's the punishment for harassing the parents of a child gunned down in a school shooting. According to Twitter, it's a seven day timeout. Welcome back to morning. Joe and new poll shows. The majority of Americans do not support the presidential campaign meeting with a hostile foreign power to obtain dirt on a political opponent, like the one that took place at Trump Tower members of the president's campaign in two thousand sixteen seventy nine percent of those aspect. When it be university say it's never acceptable while twelve percent say it is broken down by party sixty nine percent of Republicans in ninety. Two percent Democrats say it's never acceptable while nineteen percent of Republicans and only three percent of Democrats say it is so you Michel start with you on this one. Obviously, the White House and President Trump has said time. And again, this is what political campaigns do they get up search? They get dirt many people point out. They don't do that from foreign powers in the first call should be the FBI if that's offered to you. And it looks like most Americans agree. Most Americans agree that it's problematic for a politician to seek after foreign. I'm to get information. The question is whether or not it will be what is driving people to the polls, both in the midterms and maybe in twenty twenty. It's in my reporting. It's become a very, very partisan issue. Trump supporters, see the Russia investigation in all the ways that the president has told them to see them. He, they call it a hoax. They say that it's a witch hunt in the same way that President Trump and all of his aides have been able to say on Fox.

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