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And in a couple days and things look brighter. Next to me. Well now to Phil Thompson with the Chicago Tribune, Fill your lines active and you go ahead. I know you said the ice times were out of whack. But did you play vocalist the regular amount of time, and if he is, he's showing the same amount of confidence he has in the past. Well, I think with him it's He's a He's a young guy, and when you make a mistake, sometimes it's hard to bounce back. But I thought No. Tonight. He did bounce back in the third. You mean a couple nice plays. He was assertive. He advanced the puck. He jumped in. Gonna happen where he makes mistakes, and it's our job to help him through it, And it's also his job toe. Responds in in a way that you know he's not gonna let it. He's got to be relentless. He's got a have the mentality that he's going to find a way to get it done for the team. We believe in him, and he's gonna believe in himself. Jeremy on the on the power play like you spent a lot of time in your own and on the first one, But then you know it was all cylinders clicking on cat school. What do you make of that? It's just inconsistency. Well, they pressed your heart up ice, and they had a desperation. Keep the puck in our end, and we didn't probably match it on. You know, they pressured up ice, and to me that's an opportunity for us is just find a way to win a 50 50 and then go the other way and take our four on three. So that's the way we gotta look at it. Thank you know, to bend Pope with the Chicago Sun Times, Ben, your lines active in Go ahead. Jeremy. Just following up on both quest seemed like he gonna get bent. It's a little bit there at the end of the second. Did you have a conversation with him Theater mission or something that led to his has improved third period. We talked to him. I think it was Thomas talked to him. Listen. He's There's gonna be mistakes mate, and it doesn't change how we think of them, and we believe that he's gonna be a big part of this and it's our job to help him through it. So again. I thought he did respond positively. We needed him. We couldn't just go down. Have him not play the rest the game, so I thought he bounced back. It's Jeremy Carlton after his team Falls five to talk a lot about Adam Book West, who is ice time was 13 minutes and 11 seconds. If we hard to believe these final box scores has been changing into the game went on from the folks down in Florida again. 13 minutes of ice time for Adam both question. Yeah, that one play that he made in the third period, activating when he needed to jumping into the rushes. Long as he had some safety on the backside cover enough for him. Hey, almost made a very important offensive play there. So a lot of conversation about Adam both quest from Jeremy Collinson after this five to loss. To the Florida Panthers will take our final time out and take a look at the out of town scoreboard and what's next? That's straight ahead on 7 20, WGN time in a convenience store woman asked which there? Oh, calorie drink Will I like.

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