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Stand up in front of the media in one thousand nine hundred five midway through the season and stand up and say everyone jerry. Rice is gonna be okay. He's he was dropping a ton of balls. There was controversy over. Should wear gloves. She'd go back to hands. Is he worked too. Hard as you not work hard enough. This guy's a bust jerry rice rookie bust and remembers this. There's a stories about it. You know looking back on. His career was over and sent to zack. Taylor and brian callaghan in into into all bunch of the coaches about like happens to everybody. I remember this being the topic. And it's and that's what i say it's not about the career which mar chase right now. It's about how long is this going to last until we can move past this. What does that mean for the early part of this this week one to me is about. It's it's third and six. Jomar chase has a ball coming toward him. The bengals needed convert. Doesn't catch it. This isn't about whether he's gonna prove in two three or four years to be worthy of the fifth overall pick. this isn't about him versus peninsula. So this is against the minnesota. Vikings it would help to have a guy playing the the number of snaps that i envision jomar as playing being able to catch the football when it comes his way especially in critical situations. That's all this is about to me. Yes i think you're being fair based on what we saw on friday based on what you guys have had a chance. And you've written about to see in practice. I think you're being fair if that ball is coming his what you hold your breath absolutely and you know to me the conversation. The last year t higgins had high expectations in early in the year. He didn't start the opener. Play fifteen snaps in the opener. John ross was playing and he played more in the second game after they. Kinda pull the plug on john. Ross midway through that game and then it took him a couple of games when he was playing a lot to really get it going including we talked to. You ain't talked about the drop. He had against philadelphia that cost them winning. And the difference in winning and tying install remembers it vividly as these lessons at every young receiver has to learn. We've never viewed jomar chase through that lens..

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