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YFU USA dot org or call eight hundred teenage to learn more and get started on your greatest journey yet check the drive is so Coble Tripoli traffic update now with Kiera Jordan Avenue crash it's being reported in to call mine northbound I. five near Portland reportedly blocking the left lane that Dr it's already been slow from highway sixteen and that's after you're done with crowding around fifty six down north on I five a line up again as you're approaching highway teen stink so much of the way the south that are then you don't get much relief before you're back on those breaks from Boeing access road all the way to the convention center south on I five is struggling this morning from Lynn what much of the way to Mercer if clear the crash itself out four or five just south the state route five to seven but you are in a solid backup from high five most of the way the state route five two two also quite busy through Kirkland and then slow again as you pull away from I ninety and work your way into the Newcastle area northbound one six seven sluggish drive highway eighteen to Willis street busy again to twelve the four oh five north bound for five creeping along their rented into new castle an additional company from coal creek to I five if you are traveling across the water travel times from bell B. to Seattle twenty three minutes out west five twenty it's a half hour drive on westbound I. ninety part next color traffic at seven fifty four this time is brought to you by indeed dot com indeed knows your company's roadmap to success the starts with hiring first rate employees is it indeed dot com slash higher today and try tailored solutions to help discover the best people for your business mostly cloudy day ahead here in western Washington today rain working to the west and to the north but it'll probably stay away until overnight tonight.

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