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Msci's banner quick All right arrow. Here we go here. We go Wittingly okay the broader hacking campaign compromise dozens of federal agencies defense contractors financial institutions among other sectors and was discovered in late april. It's chinese government routinely denies carrying out hacking operations. It is unclear why the ncaa was a target of the campaign. but investigators has several theories. one focuses on china's push to dominate the multi-billion billion dollar market for railcars in effort that could benefit from knowing more about the inner workings of a transit system that awards lucrative contracts in recent years. China has used cyber-attacks as way to to advance its economy and become the dominant global superpower according to the justice department. None of them. Warm benign view. Is that hackers mistakenly entered the mta system and discovered it was a little interest which cybersecurity experts say is not unusual in any event. The hackers did not make any changes to the agents. Agency's operations collect any employee or customer information like credit card numbers or compromise. Any empty accounts transit officials said citing a resin audit of the attack commissioned by the agency and conducted by ibm and mandaeans leading cybersecurity. Far young ta's existing multi layer security systems worked as a design preventing spread of the attack said refill port partner courtney. The mta chief technology officer. We continue destroying these. Comprehensive systems and remain vigilant as cyber attacks are a growing global threat. A spokesman for the department of homeland security which is investigating breach. Declined to comment de intrusion. Is the latest in esscalation cyber attacks against american transit agencies most of which are financially strapped and can usually only afford basic cyber security protections a study last year by the mineta transportation institute a research organization found that while over eighty percent of transportation agencies surveyed believed. They were prepared to manage cyber security threats. Only sixty percent had a cybersecurity plan in place. A lot of transit agencies. Don't have chief security officers much less cyber security officer. Who says scott belcher a consultant specializing in transportation technology who led the study a ransom where attack on the san francisco municipal transportation agency. Twenty sixteen disrupted ticketing systems forcing the agency to provide free service for three days in texas for worth region. Regional transportation agency lost access to its. It systems data in customer support in twenty nineteen at the being attacked Hacked rather by a ransomware group that threatened to expose public data in october. A ransomware attack disrupted the philadelphia transit transit authority. He's operations for months. After the agency was forced to block employees from accessing their small. Excuse me their email in stopped providing real time travel information to riders sacramento's transit agency and the state transportation department in colorado have also been hit by cyber attacks in recent years Attacks pose a physical threat to riders or drastic league disrupted train But they have impeded operations threaten to drain millions of dollars in ransom demands and costs. Hundreds of thousands of dollars in forensic analysis at the breaches were identified. Initially you might think the biggest risk is stuff you see in movies. Somebody taking over a bus remotely or taking over a train remotely and putting the passengers at rhys belcher said but recovering from the attacks is expensive. Which is self puts their ability to operate at risk d attack against the ncaa also comes amid growing concerns about the state own china railway rolling stock corporation. The world's largest train car producer which has aggressively pursued contracts to build rail yards for major cities. The company has won contracts in cities including boston chicago los angeles philadelphia many competitor competitors believed by underbidding competitors using state funds to underwrite the cost. The chinese corporation has never produced railcars for new york's transit agency transit officials say but it was a winner of mta challenge in twenty eighteen. Really there was anti a challenge. I got to look into that later. Soliciting ideas for upgrading. The city's asian rail network the company had proposed investing fifty million dollars to develop a new subway car for the agency right as the threat of cyber attacks has grown and trade tensions between the us. And china have intensive can testified. The dominance of the state owned company has raised worries among lawmakers def- defense officials and industry experts that the equipment has left critical american transportation infrastructure.

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