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Weird. I feel like we had an episode on this. Yeah you had mentioned at one point where people just don't feel comfortable raising their hand answering ryan and others you reading a book in dallas book and he said those who know. Don't speak in those. Who don't speak i mean and those who don't know speed and i'm wondering if that i'm trying to see how can i make that saying fit into what we're dealing with today. I'm struggling to could you. Yeah i think. I mean the everything we've been talking about right. This mob mentality that mr manage brought up a couple of times. I would argue that those. The people that quote quote unquote don't know that are speaking. This isn't the majority evil. This isn't if you look at these polls if you look at these stats about the stop. Who was it that did the recent one cato institute. The cato institute old showed that sixty two percent of americans self-censor political beliefs And that included he. Will there were moderately liberal right. This isn't the majority of people are not speaking. The majority of people are bowing to this very loud minority. That doesn't know. That is now speaking. And that i think is what he was getting into with the the due process right. Is that if if this person has done something that's truly agreed gis and the system does put in place finds that to be fireable offense than the absolutely yeah. They still deserve to be higher than in that case. Why when you go by the mob mentality. You don't actually know that it isn't that you're five dollar. Maybe it feels like it is because people are yelling very loudly but then if you don't go along with it will maybe more people in that sixty two percent now decide. Oh okay. I feel more comfortable going to that university than than some other ones. Look if i if. I could up and switch navy the something that i shouldn't say to to Carelessly if i could up and switch universities like that with no jump no pause in my research no snow stoppage on mike hd progress and could pick up. Where i left off. I would leave it in a heartbeat. You university of michigan is so much worse with a lot of this stuff. We words matter task force that he will end business loped around harmful words that were not allowed to say master plan anymore because they hark back to slavery were not allowed to use. Yeah yeah it's it's ridiculous right and so certain schools are worse than others but it is kind of this plague that is permeating the academic institution in general. So i think that when you talk about it as a business impact on your bottom dollar. I think people like me are sitting on the sidelines and saying screw this. I don't wanna stay here. I wanna go somewhere else. And i but i still want to pursue academic pursuits still want to participate in this discourse. I don't wanna be a scientist. I still wanna do these things. But i can't speak here. I can't talk here. I can't share my ideas here. But maybe i can at university of texas or somewhere else. I'm picking that when brandon lee. I don't actually know what it's like there. And frankly it's you know it is something that's dad general academia but yeah. I think that's you know it's absolutely the people that don't know are seeking. The people that know are scared into submission because of this loud mob mentality and it used to be people like women. It used to be people people's color and people that were not allowed to attend these places and they were quote unquote cancelled and and unable to join these places. And then you lost that diversity of thought christie in general. But now we've kind of come full circle to the point where all those people are allowed. It women are allowed in people of color allowed him but now certain ideas are not allowed it as evil by. I don't know i'll end my tangent. Kick it over jeopardy one of you wanna pick it up from. I'll i'll just. I'll just that last part. I think it was extremely integral. I think you know women. I guess broadly let in People of color were lead in the list of those who are not the majority are now. Insult and ideas are now being chastise being sent away like those who wish early described. I wonder what will be that thing. And we've been kind of talking about hinting at this. We'll be thing to bring it back to you know pendulum or is this. The proper pendulum swing. I'm sure i mean. I don't i don't think this is the proper pendulums swing because this is going a bit too far where and this has historically. I'm just speaking history. Here is historically every time whenever there has been bickham is asian mentality. bat has led to genocide. And if you let's let's take the nazi germany. Since the nazis and hitler claimed that they were the victims of juice. So dot and dot led to jewish genocide Same thing happened in stalin's russia where stalin and people who were at quote unquote a oppressed or. The folks didn't have a lot of income or couldn't make it up in society claim that okay the rich are stealing from us so and so every time. There's a victim mentality leads to a genocide this leads to really backstop slightly so this is why i think of the things that on want a touch on is how this out in the cultural revolution in china and everyone who's listening should really look into the history of the cultural revolution is and it's really When you read the history and then you look at. What's going on in america right now. You'd be like wow okay. How did this get to be like this. So the cultural revolution was basically win. A mild to this house it on. Who is the chairman of china In the sixties wanted density that a marxism was or. Communism was taking a big rise in china. And why was that. Because it's a belt system of course but what he thought was that this is because of the culture so this off china that prevented it so. In order to really impose marxism communism. He needed to get rid of the culture itself off china and the way that he did. This was based on a couple of principles. I think those four principles was getting rid of old traditions. Old religions hold ideas and old something else so old habits Things like that. So and what did this mean. What he did was essentially rounded a mom. Kate on rag guard. This live models.

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