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Anything or so now you asked you're stuck with bill that are worth anything and you're out that money and when i don't understand is if they're responsible pollick you would think the bank wouldn't have counterfeit gatling day now each bill i think that bank would be safe i don't know how they're gregory eyedropper i by her mr powder eric rush revere vij we've mr pottering britain mirror pera read the bank you can stole the money from uncle ted yoho what movie was was yet wonderful i s article thank you australia of us all scared thank you pray career by by have a great day yes what's the latest oh cases this from the consumerist dot com it says that it is usually the policy of banks that once a customer accepts the cash whether it's counterfeit or not if the customers problem and not the bank's small because the bank can't prove that you didn't get that counterfeit bill elsewhere brian and bring it back and what real money for it it's lovely though it's up to you this article says two when they hand you the bills verify them yourself at the counter good how do i get those pens blood has you can hold onto the light and there are like embedded things within the within the bill itself that see now i'm no afraid to live my life finally we talked to corey them we gotta move on you work at a bank right cory argue over okay so what happens if you the banker give me a counterfeit 20dollarbill now my problem not yours exactly baffoni is a 100percent right sooner you walk out of the doors it's yours onto car each she was just not use cash anymore there have my idea i wish that.

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