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Good morning man we have a global conversation about lingerie I think men don't give a damn right or wrong right tell me what to put on their clothes on exactly thank you thank you god next year and the feelings that lead I know yeah that we do thank you thank you got into the conversation I want to think this is great you may give a damn about lingerie no we do not give a damn about that coming up in seconds but a baggy T. shirt on a legal no no live tags he's on that's the one of my T. shirt you might yeah and a lot of money on a lot of money to be done doing the dinner actually there it is you deserve it and the fact that you'll give a damn about lager right yeah I have a good day save you to believe it so when the girl sitting down and you could see like the site like her thong or her bra strap light or something isn't that like you guys don't care at all like when I get home if I take this off and I'm like he does not care wait hold on hold on hold on hold on when asked if that was she explained a lunch or a totally different because that's kind of like because no the way I was trying to see if it can you keep giving us a sneak peek it's a cool cool but that's what I'm wearing now do we see the movie I'm over this that's always a good parts we got another call on the line you guys care about lingerie we do god tell me why yeah why because there is not you when you're queens list you said he was from spotlight you will die lingerie on Hey going to be a little like Betty Boop yes he's some I have read though your pride lies with you you know what I am a priest.

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