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Anthony Smith in between them we have some pockets where we take commercials or we cover the latest news. Are we more importantly, we take calls from you all so call in and talk about maybe you don't maybe forgot to get into the daily debate. You just want to chime in on that. Maybe you want to chime in on the latest news or still offer an opinion on the Covington who's mon- Woodley triangle there or what should what should DC do? Now that Jones kinda just went ahead and did his own thing. You know, we kept thinking his DC gonna get less than you know. Less there, by the way, has still paid two hundred fifty thousand to the Nevada State Athletic commission and around this time is win. He completes the one year sentence of the infraction. He had at UC two hundred against Marquette. He had a a one year suspension. It got put on hold. But when DC said me and Leser and all that activated itself. Again, Lessner had to basically make himself available to you Sada to show that he's cleaned. So that he can compete in that aside from that you have to pay two hundred and fifty thousand and then he can go forward with that. And if not then I guess would be the the next guy because deceit has said, so and I don't know that anybody else's more qualified, do you think he has to pay two hundred and fifty thousand or do you think he says I really liked the come back? But there's this little fine hanging out there just says we got that player. Yes. Yes. They do. So they go just go out there and pay the damn thing. And guess what have the fight? They'll be some bonus in there for you. Or you'll make it back. I mean, you know, you will make it back. I mean, really, maybe you can just say, or we just don't have you, you know. But I would think that the wants to they want to conduct a business transaction. So I don't know if they can say, we got you where the, wink, wink. But I think they'll say look man, you know, we sort this out the financial and the financial come in from a big fight that involves you guess what that two hundred and fifty will be covered. I I would think that that's how it would work. It's good to be Daniel Cormet right us just chill. And there's basically three giant fight out there waiting for you. Whatever happens happens right there. Either way you're gonna make a ton of money. Well, the listener fight is a windfall because there is a guaranteed mill paper. He's if Jones would happen that would probably go over Jones. We're getting close to a million the I know the eight hundred at that one in Anaheim would be the first one did. But I would imagine the third one would be a million steep. Not as big as those. Right. Not as big with still good. But I think Lessner is the one and. And sorry to disrespect Brock Leser here. But I think that's the easiest one as well out of meal Jones and Leser agree with Nagy that. vegas. That's fair. Although hopefully, the guy. Hi, clear me over over these walls, right here all of thunderlips. The. He could. Yeah. All right, guys. Let's do this. Let's take a break. And we will reset the table here..

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