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1238 Free to Kessler in the WTO traffic center Looks like delays have eased on the beltway topside outer loop near Connecticut everything should be gone From the earlier crash if you're on the Baltimore Washington Parkway the delay northbound is from one 97 headed toward one 98 watch for any work that made me moving along that stretch northumbrian avenue delays out of brandywine toward birch hill and earnshaw with work taking a lane Southbound two ten before swan creek and Livingston a single left lane gets by the work zone Also eastbound 32 after one O 8 a report of some work and the eastbound span of the bay bridge the right lane of two is blocked with the work and the westbound span is running two way traffic In the district north Bundy C two 95 delays B four benning road headed all the way to eastern avenue it should be a single lane getting by that work zone That way in Virginia outer live delays out of Tyson's near route 7 toward 66 the work in the right lane then on the ramp to westbound 66 from the outer loop the left lane of two is blocked with the work 95 northbound delays passing 17 toward the center port Parkway the work in the left lane Then a delay at a dumfries headed into Dale City where there should be some work taking a lane College reporting the problem in Tyson's northbound one 23 change chain bridge road after the beltway a report of a truck that lost its load police are taking the two center lanes for the cleanup so you do get around it to either side seeing delays in both directions so not sure if the southbound side is affected as well When it comes to your credit card discover believes in having real people available 24/7 to help answer your questions Discover exceptionally common sense I'm Rita Kessler WTO traffic Now the forecast from Michelle Grossman This afternoon a mixture of sun and clouds mild and breezy highs mid 50s to low 60s and spots Tonight partly cloudy skies not as cold overnight lows 30s to.

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