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It's and police investigating a fatal drive by shooting in Melbourne's West Appeal for public help. Good morning, James Hancock with ABC News. More hospital patients in India have died from a lack of oxygen as the health care system continues to buckle under the surge of covert cases, South Asia correspondent James Open reports. Hospitals in Delhi have received much of the attention in recent weeks as I scramble for oxygen, but the state of Karnataka in the south is also cracking under pressure. Media reports say. Two patients died in the hospital and bangle or due to oxygen shortages, while four patients died in the city of gold. Varga after oxygen cylinders arrived too late. Count today after 24 patients died in another part of the state allegedly due to oxygen shortage is India has recorded more than 350,000 covered cases every day for over a week. James Acton, ABC News Deli. The World Health Organization has warned Indian authorities that the situation will get much worse unless I take strong measures as cases surge past 20 million. India's main opposition Congress party has urged the government to declare a nationwide lockdown. The WH OSE representative in India doctor wrote. A Rico offering says authorities made a mis take when they relaxed restrictions in figuring He says the situation is much worse than in Europe and the United States. I think the differences in terms of scale the pattern off how this has spread off the waves, whether it was in Europe or the U. S was fairly similar, But the scale is very different. The density of the population is also probably a factor for this. That's why if you know this spikes are in the Metro's Another federal government backbencher has expressed concerns of the India travel ban. Retiring nationals MP George Christiansen says he's uncomfortable with the idea of preventing Australians from returning home from India. He joined several other members of the coalition who have aided their unease with the band, which threatens those who returned from India with heavy fines or jail time. Mr. Christianson is told non radio he's unsure the band is even legal. Don't notice that there's been a bit of walking back from the original thoughts. That paper we're gonna have somehow be locked up if they come back to Australia. At least that's Off the title, but I'm just not sure that it's actually legal or constitutional for any government decided that Australians can't return hard. The federal government will create a new agency to oversee national responses to major natural disasters for filling one of its promises made after the bushfire Royal Commission, his political reporter, Cameron goalie The National Recovery and Resilience Agency will provide relief to communities and helped them recover from disasters. The government says it will be given $600 million to fund projects such as home bushfire and cyclone proving across the country. The money will also go towards improving the resilience of telecommunications infrastructure during disasters. The new agency will have oversight of the national Drought and North Queensland Flood Response and Recovery Agency as well as the National bushfire Recovery Agency coordinated General Shane Stone, a former Northern Territory chief minister will head the new body. The Victorian opposition will attempt to use parliament today to force the release of a human rights report into workplace bullying and sexism in the States Fire Services in 28, saying the Supreme Court ruled in favor of the firefighters union in blocking the release of the Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission's investigation. Into workplace culture in the M F B and C of fame. The report was blocked because it was referred to the commission by the government, not the C F or him if team Shadow Emergency Services Minister Tim Smith says the opposition's motion would compel the release of the report if it won enough thoughts. Life. It must release this document because it shines a light on rabbit sexism and misogyny in Nephi services. If they're not complete hypocrites on these matters, they must release this report. Woman is alleged the see if ISIS response to a chemical spill on her property near Hamilton in Victoria's Southwest has caused ongoing trauma and financial impact, Christopher Tester reports. Makes made has launched legal action against the sand fly over an alleged chemical spill it her you'll can't property in April 2013 in a statement of claim filed in Victoria's Supreme Court. She claims she was stripped against her will for a decontamination shower in the view of male officers and threatened with being handcuffed The CF A, said it wouldn't comment due to the court proceedings. A spokesperson has previously said the organization response to chemical spills with the utmost caution. Off the process can be confronting for those involves, especially when substances unknown green paces accused the energy giant a GL of making little effort to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions. Jared Wicca has more Great pace is found A GL produces just 10% of its power from renewables. The company has pledged to exit poll by 2050, but the environmental group says it needs to act sooner. It found the company's coal plants will put out an additional 746 million tons of CR two. If you're allowed to run to their scheduled close dates, A GL owns Ladell and Bayswater in New South Wales and Lawyering A in Victoria. Luliang A isn't due to close until 2048 Greenpeace says.

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