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I can take of for it. That is mic drop stuff because there is a profoundly simple trees that you have that. It's so profound that people get that is 'cause you sit three things in a profound one. If you ask why. why did that koosun ripi. Why did i have the why me and not someone as why did not get predicted. Why y we used to a certain extent need to also christians but you never going to get those answers. Christopher joyce off yes it creates so much former itself because you're not gonna get the answers so the next thing is to that's the deconstruction to reconstructed and to say okay. Well how can. I take a want to do how to want to look in my future. And you've stayed empathy compassion helping others learning more getting wisdom sharing your knowledge which is if we construct dudin a complete conceptualization. And as you say there's not a listen to be learned from their pain the you can't do you learn from a rape but you can you to heal from it and in the healing is the healing the forgiveness the acceptance of the past. And saying what. Can i do to have a greater future for myself and to help others. Ever-greater future around me. And i think that's that's why i feel like i sleep so well at night now's because whereas before i was unable to before i started healing and star started talking about these things because you talk about that. Yeah i mean for until. I was thirty i it would take me an hour hour and a half to sleep at night. I would sit there later. I would try to go to bed early. i'd go to bed late. I would do all these things. And i just felt like i was cost. The in this anxious state of mind of and i wasn't even thinking about like childhood trauma. But i was just more like angry. Yeah we just like stressed anxious like beating myself up. I was thinking. I was not worthy. I think i needed to do more to gain love from people or whatever whatever might have been just analyzing the day what i did wrong or what it could have done differently and now i i really think about a few things at night. I i have a foundation now of.

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