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Why did not go in. That direction is beyond me is beyond me. I felt that the best opportunity to do something like that was last week but no instead. We've got rosario dawson. We got rosario dawson. That's essentially playing the role of brand and for me the formula look. I'm not saying it in a way where it's like. This is how you need book your show. I'm not saying that. So take it like dat whether it's just the most easiest blueprint that's out there as far as trying to get super mad heat on somebody and trying to give fans a reason why they should actually be in the corner of their boy. Cody rhodes and the fact. Though i think honestly part of the blame is how this was laid out and the second part of it is the fact that cody has unfortunately gotten to a point with the fans where yeah nod dude. You're super baby. Face here i come to save the day. We're we're not really feeling it right now. Now where we're not feeling it. Is it safe to say that. Maybe some of the fans are maybe looking. at cody. rhodes as super sina. Is it almost kind of safe to say. There may be looking at him and that kind of limelight and as a result of that when it comes to a w. or slash wrestling fans favorite stars in a w right now and in this case malachi black nano. No no no. No no no no. This is a bona fide. Awesome thing that we got going on here. Super cody. Keep your shit. Whatever you got you. We don't want underway. Keep it away from malachi black. So what do you do right here. what do you do here. Because malachi black has essentially owned cody and all of their encounters. So what do you do right here going forward because it was very obvious here that malachi black he is over with the fans they are eat initiative up and i gotta remind e w once again please malachi black comes out.

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